Pregame notes Sept 14, 2011

UTLEY IS MEAN — In some shocking results to Sports Illustrated‘s latest poll, Chase Utley was voted the 2nd meanest player in baseball by 215 of his peers.

Slapped in between A.J. Pierzienski and Milton Bradley, two of the game’s three biggest a-holes, Utley is apparently a nasty guy. I know his all-out gritty play can irk opposing teams, especially Jonathan Sanchez of the Giants, but mean?

Oh, and Nyjer Morgan was 9th on the list. I rest my case.

PHILS RELEASE 2012 SCHEDULE — With this amazing season not even over, people are already talking about next year’s schedule, which was released today. The Phils play Boston six times and Tampa at home and play in Minnesota, Baltimore and Toronto. A TTB trip to one of the Baltimore weekend series June 8-10 may be in order.

View complete schedule after the jump.

Screengrab courtesy of Crossing Broad.

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