Once more, Phillies grace the SI cover

First it was the starting rotation. Then it was Carlos Ruiz. For the third time during this baseball season, the Phillies will have a couple of players posted on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Starting pitcher Cliff Lee and Ryan Madson are featured on this week’s regional cover with the tagline “Brotherly Lovefest.” The side … Continue reading Once more, Phillies grace the SI cover


Pregame notes Sept 14, 2011

UTLEY IS MEAN — In some shocking results to Sports Illustrated‘s latest poll, Chase Utley was voted the 2nd meanest player in baseball by 215 of his peers. Slapped in between A.J. Pierzienski and Milton Bradley, two of the game’s three biggest a-holes, Utley is apparently a nasty guy. I know his all-out gritty play … Continue reading Pregame notes Sept 14, 2011

Chooch graces the SI cover

It’s All-Star Break and the SI cover features baseball this week. But what it does not feature on it’s cover is a current All-Star. Instead, Philly’s own Carlos Ruiz will be gracing the cover this week along with a story of how he is the luckiest person in the world right now. With a fantastic … Continue reading Chooch graces the SI cover

The Respect We Deserve

If I were to tell you ten years ago that the Phillies were going to be the best team in baseball starting in 2008, you would think I was joking while wearing your Scott Rolen t-shirt and pissed-off Curt Schilling was a Diamondback. Oh how the times have changed. The Phillies won the division in 2007, their first … Continue reading The Respect We Deserve