Houston is a problem for Phils once again

I don’t know what it is about the Phillies playing Houston but it sure ain’t pretty.

Cole Hamels fell victim to the Astros’ black magic as the Phils lost 5-1 Tuesday night. He was less than good, not including the fact that home plate umpire Joe Reynolds was awful, and that was the story of his loss.

Hamels wasn’t getting the strikes he wanted from Reynolds – even to the point where he was visibly heated with Reynolds. He allowed five runs, four earned on nine hits and a walk while striking out six.

Hamels went into the 4th with a 1-1 tie game but lost the lead on an RBI single to Jason Bourgeois and then a three-run homer to Clint Barmes. Who? Exactly. It was that kind of night for Hamels and the Phils.

Former Phillie J.A. Happ, who has looked awful all year, didn’t necessarily cruise but pitched well enough for his 6th win on the season. He allowed a run on four hits and four walks through six innings while striking out four.

The Phils lone run off Happ came in the top of the 4th on a Hunter Pence solo home run. It was his 20th home run and 9th as a Phillie of the season. It was also the 4th straight year he hit 20 or more homers.

Carlos Ruiz also homered in the top of the 9th, too little too late.

It was the first time since May 31-June 3 4 that the Phils have lost three straight games. And these weren’t just three losses. They were three very sloppy losses.

On a happier note, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs took Game 1 of the Governors Cup against the Columbus Clippers. Fueled by a three home run from Brandon Moss, they won 5-2.

2B: Mayberry (15). HR: Pence (20), Ruiz (6).

WP: Happ (6-15). LP: Hamels (16-8).



2 thoughts on “Houston is a problem for Phils once again

  1. philsfaninnewyork

    It’s all about accuracy John.

    1. Clint Barmes used to play for the Rockies.

    2. The last time the Phils dropped more than 2 in a row was on May 31 to June 4 in Washington and Pittsburgh, another place they struggle in.

  2. 1. I know who Barmes is. He’s still a nobody
    2. I knew it was four games, just forgot there was a day off.

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