Howard restarts rehab

First basemen Jim Thome (left) and Ryan Howard. (AP Photo)

Ryan Howard is not letting the clunky walking boot that’s on his left foot hinder him.

Howard was throwing with trainer Scott Sheridan this morning on the warning track at Ashburn Field at the Carpenter Complex.

“I’m trying to do what I can so when I’m actually out of the boot I can hit the ground running,” Howard told reporters this morning.

Howard had an infection in the wound where he received his first surgery on his torn Achilles suffered in October. He had to have a second operation performed to clean the initial wound and found himself back in the boot.

Originally the Phillies had hoped Howard would be back by May but the setbacks have made that a long shot.

It’s just one of the many frustrations of this injury said Phillies infielder Kevin Frandsen, who went through the same ordeal in 2008 when he tore his Achilles. It’s a complicated and frustrating rehab process, especially for someone with a massive body such as Howard’s.

“I’ve just tried to stay positive through the entire thing,” Howard said. “These kinds of things happen. The only thing you can do is stay positive. If you start to get down on yourself it’s not going to help the situation either way. I’m just looking at it as a positive, trying to keep it on the up and up.”

For now, the most Howard can do is long toss. Once the boot comes off, he should be able to resume baseball activities such as fielding and hitting. Running is going to be the final step.


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