10 Reasons I Can’t Wait for the Phillies

Yeah, the season is like three months away, but here are 10 of my reasons I can’t wait for the Phillies season to begin.

1.  The Countdown to 2012 begins. Come on guys, there’s only like 400 days until Pitchers and Catchers report in 2012!  Can’t come soon enough! Get excited!

2. The wave during games that are 1-0 in the 8th inning against the Braves.  Not enough runs are being scored, let’s see how many times it goes around! Weeeeeee!

3. More blog wars. My computer runs faster than yours so my blog is better! No, I wear slippers while I am blogging so MINE is better! So entertaining to watch!

4. Super creative phrases like “Happy Halladays” or “It’s Cole outside”. Can’t get enough of them! This blog post is Rollins Along!

5. People who call Shane “Rick Dorito” or asking who we traded to get Dom Brown.  Oh, they surely are messing around! Such kidders!

6. Six homeruns per game to the center fielder.  He’s just standing 20 feet from the fence, not moving! It must be a home run if it’s a fly ball! Yay!

7. Numbers debates.  Absolutely love when numbers are the end-all, be-all of debates.  Crunching numbers into my computer instead of watching games is more fun.

8. Six more months of Chris Wheeler.  I love when he harks back on his years of little league experience to explain the game to me. This is surely a “goofy” blog post isn’t it?

9. Sitting on tickets when the team goes on a two week losing skid. They aren’t supposed to lose, why should you buy tickets to watch them when they do?!

10. The always-drunk loud guy sitting near you.  I love his insights, and the players really listen to him when he sits in the 400 level.  I hope he’s next to me every game this year!


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