10 Reasons I Can’t Wait for the Phillies

Yeah, the season is like three months away, but here are 10 of my reasons I can’t wait for the Phillies season to begin. 1. ┬áThe Countdown to 2012 begins. Come on guys, there’s only like 400 days until Pitchers and Catchers report in 2012! ┬áCan’t come soon enough! Get excited! 2. The wave during … Continue reading 10 Reasons I Can’t Wait for the Phillies

Shades of Little League

I can still remember some of the finest and not so finest moments of my Little League days. I would remember seeing the kids on my team hit monstrous home runs and the coaches on the other team want to see their Babe Ruth cards. I would remember winning tournaments and getting awesome trophies that … Continue reading Shades of Little League