The Dream Match Up

This is when the blog gets personal. It’s when I put aside being objective and let you look through the eyes of a Phillies fan.

Ever since I was a kid playing “Bases Loaded” for NES, “Roger Clemens Baseball” for Super NES, “All Star Baseball” for Game Boy, “Griffey Slugfest” for N64, and all the way up to “MLB 2K7” for X-Box 360, I would always play the Phillies versus the Yankees. Why you ask? Because to me, that would be the dream World Series for me.

Living in the shadow of New York sports my entire life as a Phillies fan, I always wondered, up until last year, what greatness tasted like. Now I get to watch my Phillies not only defend their championship in the World Series this year but to do it against the Evil Empire. I get to see the Phillies go up against the greatest franchise in not only baseball but in all of sports. It’s David versus Golliath. Team USA versus Team Russia. Buster Douglas versus Mike Tyson.

This is cheese steaks versus cheese cakes. The City of Brotherly Love versus the City that Never Sleeps. It’s “New York, New York” versus “High Hopes.” The Liberty Bell versus the Statue of Liberty. Comcast versus YES. Rocky versus Vito Corleone.

The Phillies have the loveable players like Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, and Jimmy Rollins. The Yankees have their beloved captain in Derek Jeter, evil Alex Rodriguez, and the new kid in town, Mark Texiera. It’s Joe Girardi and Charlie, two managers that have been under fire from their fans all year but still made it to the big show. Neither park welcomes opposing fans and neither city really likes eachother. This will be the best World Series since 2001.

I have longed for nothing more than beating the Yankees in the World Series. It’s like beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl, the Lakers in the NBA Finals, and the Red Wings in the Stanley Cup Finals. Those are three things Philly has failed to do during my life time.

I say the fourth time’s a charm! Avenge the Whiz Kids of 1950! Let’s go Phillies! Win this one for Harry!


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