Yankees sweep opening weekend series

It’s opening weekend and the standings show that the Phils are 0-2 to start Grapefruit League play. Be it that standings don’t matter, there are positives to consider in today’s 7-4 loss to the Yankees in Tampa. Hunter Pence crushed another two-run homer this spring in as many days, this one coming off Yankees starter … Continue reading Yankees sweep opening weekend series

Albert Pujols Wants All Your Money

Bring it by the truck loads. Whatever team wins the Albert Pujols sweepstakes this offseason, they are going to need a lot of cash to do it. Pujols is looking at potentially his last big paycheck, one that will not only be the largest of his life but quite possibly the biggest in the history … Continue reading Albert Pujols Wants All Your Money

Howard for Pujols wasn’t so crazy after all

Phillies fans, I present to you a simple hypothetical… Would you rather have Ryan Howard for five years, $25 million a year or Albert Pujols for 7-10 for around $30 million a year? What if the trade rumors from last season were true? Is Albert Pujols in red pinstripes an ideal situation? There are no … Continue reading Howard for Pujols wasn’t so crazy after all

So Moyer’d

There were moans and groans coming from the fans knowing that after Roy Halladay’s shelling and Jamie Moyer’s most recent debacle of a start that Wednesday’s game was not going to look good. Well we were all wrong as Moyer pitched eight innings of great baseball to lead the Phillies to a 6-3 win in … Continue reading So Moyer’d

5 Teams to Watch in the AL

Yankees – They’re the 2009 World Series champions and still kept intact the solid nucleus that got them there. They traded top prospects to land centerfielder Curtis Granderson, a much better defensive asset than Johnny Damon. They also traded Melky Cabrera to the Braves for Javier Vazquez to bolster the starting rotation. With guys like … Continue reading 5 Teams to Watch in the AL

Howard for Pujols?

That is a trade only made in Fantasy Baseball. But a national report and rumor was that the Phillies and Cardinals organizations were in discussions for a trade between Ryan Howard and Albert Pujols. Pujols is arguably the best player in baseball and probably the best player since I was born in 1988. Howard was born … Continue reading Howard for Pujols?

An Infield Debate for the Ages

After the Phillies let go Pedro Feliz and signed Placido Polanco to fill his position at third, the Phillies found themselves with a complete infield. Almost too complete as a matter of fact. We have all heard the argument between Yankees and Phillies fans: Who has the better infield in baseball? Clearly both teams are heads and … Continue reading An Infield Debate for the Ages

Phils Fail at Comeback, Yanks Up 3-1

All Brad Lidge had to do was get Johnny Damon out. But he was resilient. Damon fought off every strike-two pitch by Lidge until he got the one he like. After his base hit and steal of second and third, Mark Teixeira walked and Alex Rodriguez drove in Damon to make it a 5-4 game. … Continue reading Phils Fail at Comeback, Yanks Up 3-1

Yanks Power Their Way to 2-1

The Yankees won game three 8-5 and took a 2-1 lead in the World Series. Nick Swisher killed the Phillies, going 2-4 with a double, home run, and two runs scored. Andy Pettitte got through six solid innings, only allowing four runs on five hits, three walks, and seven strike outs. Mariano Rivera got the … Continue reading Yanks Power Their Way to 2-1