TTB is against censorship

Today, TTB will join the active protest against the new SOPA/PIPA laws to censor the internet.

Blogs will be one of the biggest groups effected if the new bill is passed, pretty much ending our right to write, blog or post about the things we love. And in our case, it’s the Phillies and Philadelphia sports.

For the day, we will have a huge “CENSORED” sign up as our header.

Since I’m terrible with HTML, CSS and all that fancy stuff, I won’t be “shutting the down the site” like many other blogs are actively doing. Though I’d like for Team to Beat to be unaccessible for the day much like Wikipedia and a boatload of other sites are, I’ll just make this the only post of the day, regardless if any major Phillies news comes out.

Spread the word and actively protest against SOPA/PIPA. Keep our internet free.


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