Pregame notes Sept 19

HOWARD GETS A SHOT — Ryan Howard has received a cortisone shot in his left foot.

The injection in Howard’s left bursa sac today will sideline him for at least the next few days. Ruben Amaro said Howard will sit anywhere from 2-4 days, but is confident the injection will have his foot feeling good throughout October.

WORLEY TO PEN? — The Phillies are possibly giving Vance Worley one final start on Wednesday before working on a transition to get the right-handed rookie into the bull pen, according to David Hale.

The Phillies have made up their mind that Worley will be pitching out of the bull pen, a huge boost to a unit that has been a little bit rocky as of late. Worley compiled an 11-2 record with a 2.85 ERA this year. But in his last nine starts, he has finished 7 innings just twice (4-1, 4.09 ERA in that stretch).

(Photo by Ron Cortes/Philly Inquirer Staff)

PHILS MAKE PLANS FOR BROWN — The Phillies have already prepared a schedule for their still prized prospect Domonic Brown.

The Phils intend to send Brown to an instructional league at the end of the regular season in hopes to develop his skills as a left fielder as well as turn him into the dangerous hitter the Phils hope he can become in the future.

Brown can still qualify for the post season roster but he can only be a part of this instructional league until October 15. With that said, he most likely won’t play in the NLDS and NLCS but would be a pinch-running option for the World Series if the Phillies do make it that far.

While the Philadelphia Flyers were visiting the Phils and taking batting practice, Brown was in left field with Phils third base coach Juan Samuel going over some drills to work on his defense. After that little session, he sat in the stands with Ruben Amaro Jr and had a nice talk with the general manager, who said Brown “understands how important he is to our organization.”


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