Hunter Pence Watch

Astros' OF Hunter Pence

The Astros have a gem left on their league-worst team in Hunter Pence. Much like last year with Roy Oswalt, the Phils are looking to take Pence off the hands of Ed Wade and Astros.

Pence is hitting above .300 for the first time in his career and is on pace for another 20-25 homer season and 85-95 RBI season. With numbers like that, Pence, who is 28 and still rising to his peak, is the perfect long-term answer for a RH bat in the outfield.

Like the Halladay post two years ago, this may get updated 10 times before the deal is final. Buckle up your seat belts, it’s going to be a helluva ride.

9:03 PM — Prospects Jonathan Singleton has been lifted from his minor league game and Jarred Cosart is also reported to be in the deal that will send Hunter Pence to Philly. Many reporters are now confirming that a deal is about finalized.

Domonic Brown is NOT in the deal.

The next update will be it’s own post, announcing the Pence deal as final.

5:25 PM – ESPN’s Buster Olney said the Phils have no interest in trading Dom Brown in a deal for Hunter Pence.

As of 5:15 p.m., NL source says the Phillies have no intention of putting Domonic Brown in a deal for Pence.#

4:02 PM — Brian McTaggart, Astros beat reporter for, tweeted that Hunter Pence is in tonight’s line up for Houston.

3:20 PM — Matt Gelb reported that Dom Brown will be in tonight’s line up against the Pirates. He will bat second against Pirates starter Charlie Morton.

2:35 PM — WIP’s Rob Ellis said the third team could likely be the Yankees. Total speculation but they may have an interest in Dom Brown.

1:32 PM — ESPN Philly guy Jayson Stark reported the Phils and Astros are looking for a third party to maybe get the deal moving along.

#Phillies, #Astros trying to find 3-team combo to make Pence deal work. Today’s Daily Rumble now up #trades

12:45 PM — Sports Illustrated’s Jon Heyman just tweeted that the Astro’s don’t love – aka won’t be fooled twice by Ruben Amaro Jr. – the Phils prospects or Dom Brown that much. I wonder if it’s time to move on to a different outfielder.

word is, #astros dont love #phillies prospects (maybe not even brown). this is becoming real soap opera. #youngandrestless

11:17 AM — Matt Gelb has the latest on what Houston wants and why the price is slowly being driven higher.

Atlanta jumped into the bidding war for Pence, a move that could be a win/win for the Braves in the long run. They can either acquire an All-Star outfielder to make this team a serious contender or force the Phils to overpay and destroy their future talent.

A baseball source had told the Philly Inquirer that Pence is still Ruben Amaro’s top targate the other day. Houston is asking for top pitching prospect Jarred Cosart and top position player prospect Jonathan Singleton in the deal along with one or two other top prospects. Trevor May’s name has been tossed around as well as any of their Class A Clearwater pitchers.

But that may not necessarily be a bad thing. With the age of this team, this is a win now and win in 2012 team. I am okay with blowing away the future if it meant the Phils could win one or two rings within the next two seasons.

But there are still talks that Dom Brown could replace either Singleton or Cosart in the deal. If they opt to do that, it leaves the Phils to fill the spot vacated by Raul Ibanez at the end of the season. But if they can pull off the trade without including Brown, it sets their outfield for next season (and will allow Brown to move to left).


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