Marlins Selling Unused Tickets

This is one of the saddest things I have ever seen in baseball. In an obvious desperation attempt by the Florida Marlins, they are selling the unused tickets from Roy Halladay’s perfect game, Saturday May 29.

The paid attendance for that game was over 25,000 people. Sun Life Stadium holds just over 36,000 at capacity to that give the Marlins about 10,000 tickets to sell. They will sell the tickets at regular price so buy the cheap seats folks!

I for one won’t be buying any of these because I wasn’t there. The value of the ticket won’t go any higher than the sentimental value you get for actually being at the game. I was at Harry Kalas’ last home game and you won’t see me selling it because it means more to me than anyone else.

Florida claimed that this is a way to commemorate Halladay’s perfect game, only the 20th of it’s kind in baseball history. It’s just a way for a struggling franchise to make money in a city that cares more about the Heat and Dolphins than their baseball franchise.

At least giving Doc the pitching rubber from that game was a true sign of class and respect. This is just pathetic and a crappy way at making money off of something special.

EDIT: I came to my senses and bought a ticket. I’m going to print out the picture of Roy Halladay celebrating and frame it with the ticket. I still think it’s sad though.

Buy your ticket here.

1 thought on “Marlins Selling Unused Tickets

  1. I hear you on the oddness of the Marlins to sell the ticket, but I view the ticket as a piece of bizarre history. Despite the way the Marlins are going about it, the ticket stub is still a neat little piece of memorabilia. I agree though, nothing beats the legitimate sentimental value. Especially if this thing is a cheap Ticketmaster print out, which I fully expect to receive (I just bought my own cheap seat to the perfect game).

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