Just Call Him the Rain Man

Jamie Moyer has found a new home in his long relief role. Yes Chan Ho Park is still the innings guy but Moyer as excelled this year in his two roles post-rain delay. Grampa Jamie is now officially “The Rain Man.”

In his two appearances since being demoted to the bull pen, Moyer has gone 10.1 innings and has allowed one run on six hits and no walks, striking out 1o. His first appearance came versus Arizona where he pitched six scoreless innings to complete the game and earning the win. His second came last night versus Atlanta where he again recorded the win. Both times were when Pedro Martinez started.

Moyer has seemed to have embraced his new role after he was publicly displeased with the Phillies decision to put him in the pen. He isn’t acting like Jon Lieber, who would pitch like crap about five years ago when he was dumped to the pen. Moyer is a professional and loves the game and sees any opportunity to pitch and help this team as a blessing.

Before Moyer’s demotion and Martinez’s call up, I figured the Phillies could get 7-8 effective innings if they combined the two pitchers. It doesn’t have to be in a rain delay situation. As Martinez starts to fatigue, you can warm up Moyer. If you add in Martinez’s stats to Moyer’s two appearances, you get these Cliff Lee-like numbers: 15.1 IP, 2 R/ER, 9 H, 1 BB, 14 K in two starts. That’s an ERA below 2.00 and a WHIP at around 0.67

Pedro-Moyer is shutting down opponents because of their two different styles of pitching. Martinez throws in the mid to high 80’s and uses a slider in the low 80’s and a change up that hits around 75. Moyer throws around 81 with a change up around the same speed as Martinez’s. This makes their fast balls and Pedro’s slider more effective. It also prevents them from wearing down as much, especially because Martinez is 37 and Moyer is 47.

“You never know what you’ll get when you put two old goats out there,” Martinez said following a 5-1 victory over the D’Backs on August 18. “It’s a scary combination. You’re not going to see that very often. You might as well enjoy it. I enjoyed it.”

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