LBS Fantasy Football League

Updated 8.7.2013

2009 winner: Mike Patota (MEAT HAMMER)
2010 winner:
Mike Patota (MEAT HAMMER)
2011 winner: Allison Stackhouse (Vick In A Box)
2012 winner: Dan Spevak (Billieve)

2013 Members
Division 1
Allison Stackhouse (UDunMessedUpA-A-Ron)
Julian Ristine (Beavis & Buttfumble)
Alicia Sprenkle (I really like wings)
Joey Delesandro (Puttsburgh Stealhers)
Dan MacNeal (jeremy mACLin)

Division 2
John Russo (Kooper Klux Klan)
Dan Spevak (Yo Gabba Gabbert)
Brian Neall (C.M. Punt)
Chris Bengel (Aaron’sPistolOffense)
Leandra Russo (Leandra’s Legit Team)
Freddie Doll (Ultimate Warriors)


Stacks Division

4th) John Russo (Nacho Train) – 9-4
2nd) Allison Stackhouse (Cox In A Box) – 8-5
5th) Chris Bengel (Jacquizz in my Pants) – 8-5
6th) Brian Neall (Neall Before Zod) – 7-6
7th) Mike Patota (funny joke team) – 6-7
10th) Joe Delesandro (My Vick Is Itchy) – 5-8

Real Deal Division
3rd) Dan MacNeal (1993 Buffalo Bills) – 9-4
1st) Dan Spevak (Billieve) – 9-4
8th) Alicia Sprenkle (Weanie Bells) – 6-7
9th) Leandra Russo (go scratch) – 5-8
11th) Brian Jacobs (The Bacon Burgers) – 5-8
12th) Nick Russo (Da Skins) – 1-12


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