Roy-Freshing: Oswalt K’s season-high 9 in win

Ryan Zimmerman punched the Phillies’ gut with a walk-off grand slam Friday night, but in typical Phillies fashion, they bounced back and took down the Nationals on, what I guess you could call ‘the road.’ It took until the fourth inning for a team to tally a run tonight’s game at Nationals Park, when Wilson … Continue reading Roy-Freshing: Oswalt K’s season-high 9 in win

Kendrick’s ring found

The World Series ring of Kyle Kendrick’s was found. It was stolen a couple months ago in his home in Washington State. It was found north of Seattle by deputies and returned to his home in Mount Vernon, WA. The thief has yet to be arrested according to a sheriff’s spokesperson. Read more about it … Continue reading Kendrick’s ring found