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Game 27: “Natitude!”: A Letter From @JWerthsBeard

More like @JWerthsGoatie, am I right?

With almost 6,000 followers on Twitter, @JWerthsBeard has catapulted itself into one of the most legendary sports Twitter accounts the last three years.

Born in 2010, The Beard was made present when Jayson Werth showed up to Phillies camp with a sweet beard that captivated Phillies fans.

The Beard kept its ties with the Philadelphia fanbase even after Werth signed with the Nationals. This is the second guest post from The Beard on TTB and much like the first, it’s a beauty.

DISCLAIMER: [@JWerthsBeard bio] The views & opinions expressed here do not reflect those held by Jayson Werth. I am just his beard. No matter the shape or size, 100% #bearditude.

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Dear Crossing Broad: Stop Crying

NOTE: Team to Beat is a very objective, non-controversial site. Though we express our opinions, they don’t go to the extremes you would see on most other sites. But there comes a time where stepping out of our shell and ignoring our policy is necessary. This is one instance. This post is in no disrespect to Kyle Scott or his website, Crossing Broad. But his latest blog post warrants this post and trip back to reality is needed for Philadelphia’s most controversial blogger.

The image is still burned in our minds: two straight years of the Phillies season ending in sudden disappointment with Ryan Howard taking the team’s final hacks (or lack thereof in one of those isntances).

But the image that sickens me isn’t Howard making the final out, rupturing his Achilles and seemingly being out for the first couple months of next season. It’s the gutless complaining and accusations directed at three of the Phillies on Twitter.

Why gutless? Because the same people who throw Shane Victorino under a bus over the computer would be kissing his ass, asking for an autograph and picture while continually telling him he’s “the man.” The same people who tell Jimmy Rollins he should have manned up in the post season would kiss his feet and thank him for 12 years in Philly if they saw him on the streets. They would also tell Hunter Pence to enjoy his meal if they saw him at a Philly restaurant instead of hoping he chokes on his steak while mentioning @HunterPence3.

So Mr. Scott aka CB aka the most hated blogger on Twitter, who in the blue hell are you to call these guys out? Who do you think you are to say Rollins can’t enjoy the weather, or Pence can’t try food in Philly or Victorino can’t tweet about the remaining teams in the post season?

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Phils rookies hazed today

“The moment you’ve all been waiting for….”

That’s right, Jimmy Rollins. After Todd Zolecki tweeted about the rookie hazing, Rollins and Hunter Pence passed along to us the wonderful costumes that our Phillies rookies had to don during their flight to Atlanta.

And to no disappointment, included in this post is the picture tweeted by Rollins that contains some rather hilarious costumes. My winner: our Jewish reliever Michael Schwimer rocking a rabbi costume.

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A word to my readers

The past day has been extremely hectic for me, as most of you may know. With Hurricane Irene on her way, all that has been going through my mind is what my hometown, Atlantic City, is going to have to endure the next couple days.

What will the damage to my home entail? Will I lose anything I hold dear to me? Will there be any looting and will it go through my neighborhood?

This leaves me to answer the question that I’m sure at least three of you asked: what’s going to happen to the site?

To answer that? I just don’t know. Writing keeps me sane. But there are more important things in life than this blog. That includes my safety, the safety of my family and making sure stuff stay afloat.

So, if you don’t see any posts within the next couple days (even though I’ll be crazy enough to try and post some way or some how), don’t think I got washed away with the storm. I’m just trying to keep things in order. The main thing that will keep me away from posting will be a power outage. Other than that, I should be good to go.

I’ll end this short post on that note. I just want to say to everyone along the east coast to please be safe. I pray for the best for anyone going through this. I just hope I can go back to Atlantic City Sunday night or Monday and be greeted with as little damage as possible.

If you’re not following me on Twitter already, do so at @Roose_TTB. I’ll be trying to tweet through this whole ordeal, as a reporter and as a friend to those who do know me.

Stay safe everyone and go Phillies.

Uh oh, we made LoMo mad…

Not really.

Playful as usual with his favorite Twitter following, the Phillies fans, Logan Morrison was a little irked by our warning, or lack there of, on how good this Vance Worley kid really is.

Yea, uh sorry about that, LoMo. You know, you wouldn’t have to worry about facing Worley if you were on this team. Just a thought.

With that being said, you guys really need to follow Morrison on Twitter because he is an absolutely funny, genuine and incredible guy. He’s also not too shabby on the diamond.

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Twitter fan art

I stumbled across some fantastic art today on Twitter. Everybody’s favorite Cole Hamels fan, @Collz83, shared her talents with the Twitter world when she posted a picture of this drawing she did of her favorite Phillies pitcher.

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IronPigs celebrating Twitter tonight

Minor League Baseball is so awesome. The ball parks are laid back, the promotions are cheesy (GRO-CER-IES) but most importantly, the family atmosphere is perfect is how every baseball game should be like.

So back to the cheesy promotions. Tonight, the Phillies AAA team, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, are having a Social Media Night and are wearing jerseys to honor everyone’s favorite social media site.

Here are the jerseys tweeted (no pun intended… I hope) by the IronPigs official account after the jump.

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A letter from Jayson Werth’s beard

By now I’m sure all of you are aware of one of the greatest accounts on Twitter, @JWerthsBeard. And if not, you must be living under a rock.

But that’s okay. After the Phillies sweep of the Nationals and Jayson Werth’s return to Philadelphia, his Beardedness decided to address the fans.

DISCLAIMER: [@JWerthsBeard bio] The views & opinions expressed on this twitter do not reflect those held by Jayson Werth. I am just his beard.

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