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Brown Injures Knee In Loss; Says He’s Fine

PHILADELPHIA — Domonic Brown left at the start of the 10th inning of the Phillies 9-5 10-inning loss to the Mets on Tuesday due to a sore knee.

After the game, Brown said his knee was a little sore, and that he is fine.

“I really don’t know – I didn’t feel too bad at all,” Brown said after the game. “They asked me if I was all right. I said, ‘Yeah.’ Maybe they thought I was fibbing to them. But I feel like I’m all right, able to play.”

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Utley Heading to Florida; Will Play In Games

Finally some good news has officially surfaced for Chase Utley and his injured left knee.

Rehabbing with the team for the past month, Utley’s knee looked strong enough for him to head down to Clearwater. Utley will go there tomorrow and begin playing in Spring Training games immediately.

“I’m excited about it,” said Utley, who has miss the season’s first two months with chondromalacia in his left knee. “I’ve made some progress in the next two months and I’m ready to take the next step.”

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Utley Takes Fielding and Batting Practice

The Phillies are out in Arizona for a three-game series, the same place that second baseman Chase Utley is doing his rehab.

Utley joined the team today, shagging grounders and doing a little batting practice before the Phillies took on the Diamonbacks. Manuel said that Utley’s legs looked stronger.

Here are some Utley soundbites from his interview today with reporters:

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An Angry Amaro Defends Utley, Himself

Angry may not be the best word. More like “annoyed.”

Whichever word you want to use, Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro is not in the cheeriest of moods lately. The injuries to his star players have led to speculation on how much truth has been divulged to the media and fan base this spring and Amaro fired back today.

Amaro truly believed that Chase Utley would be ready for Opening Day, that is until Utley left on March 18 to see a specialist for his knee and Amaro said that Freddy Galvis would be the starter on April 5.

At least that’s what Amaro said.

“I honestly believed we still had Chase Utley playing for us opening day up until he said, ‘I’ve got to go see another specialist because I’m not feeling well enough,'” said Amaro earlier today to reporters.

Even more, Amaro is not pleased that people think he would lie to the public.

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Utley remains positive about knees

(Yong Kim / Inquirer Photographer)

Disappointment. Frustration. A little worried.

Those were all words and phrases Chase Utley used today. Obviously no news about Utley’s knees was going to be good news.

With how things have been going this spring for the Phillies on the injury front, and especially for Utley, today’s update took a little bit of stress off everyone’s minds.

Anticipated since Friday, Utley talked to reporters in Clearwater today before their Grapefruit League game against the Orioles. The 32-year-old second baseman remained positive about his injuries and his hopeful to be back on his own terms this season.

In Utley’s opening statement before answering questions, he said:

I was in Phoenix meeting with a physical therapist by the name of Brett Fischer for about four or five days, just to get some better ideas on how I can continue to move forward. I have a better idea now on how my body is supposed to move compared to how it’s moving at this time, and I think we have something pretty good for the future.

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Brown sent to minors; Utley, Martinez updates

LF Domonic Brown. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

It was a busy morning down in Clearwater for the Phillies. Roster moves and injury updates have been the hot topic this spring for the Phillies and it starts with Domonic Brown.

The left fielder was optioned to minor league camp this morning, meaning he will start the season with Triple-A Lehigh Valley.

Brown’s spring was injury-riddled again, but thankfully not as serious as last year when he fractured a bone in his hand. He jammed his thumb diving for a ball as well as suffering a sore neck while sleeping on the bus this spring.

But injuries aside, Brown enjoyed a good offensive spring in which he hit .300 (6-for-20) with two triples, a homer and two RBIs while scoring four times. He only struck out once all spring.

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Could the end be near for Utley?

(Yong Kim/Philly Inquirer)

“World Champions… World f***ing champions!”

It’s incredible to think that three and half years removed from those five words proclaimed on Halloween 2008, the man who once said them is a shell of his former self.

A 29-year-old Chase Utley was on the top of the world. Two days removed from winning the World Series, the first of its kind in 28 years in the City of Brotherly Love, “The Man,” as proclaimed by Harry Kalas and the Philadelphia fanbase, had even bigger plans in the coming years.

They were supposed to win again in 2009. They were supposed to add one of the best rotations of all time to their high-powered offense. This was a dynasty in the making and Utley was the face of it all.

But that never happened. And now, it may be over a lot sooner than hoped for.

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Pence has knee strain

UPDATE — Hunter Pence has a mild strain of the patellar tendon in the left knee. Phillies expect him to play this weekend. -Todd Zolecki


Breath a HUGE sigh of relief, folks.

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