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Phils re-introduce Jim Thome

Thome adresses the media. (Screen grab from

At 3:30 ET, the Phils re-introduced former slugger Jim Thome to their team.

In the presser, he talked about how quick the Phils called him, playing under Charlie Manuel once again, playing first and pinch hitting.

Dressed in a dapper suit, Thome had a smile on his face throughout most of the press conference. The joy of returning to the Phillies, especially with the fact they have become one of baseball’s elite franchises since Thome’s departure in 2005, was expressed early in the conference

“It really surprised me that my phone rang that quick,” Thome said, who was signed only a couple days into the free agency period.

Thome talked about having the chance to play in Philadelphia twice, going into how it’s an honor to cycling back to clubs that he’s been a part of before.

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