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Utley Takes Fielding and Batting Practice

The Phillies are out in Arizona for a three-game series, the same place that second baseman Chase Utley is doing his rehab.

Utley joined the team today, shagging grounders and doing a little batting practice before the Phillies took on the Diamonbacks. Manuel said that Utley’s legs looked stronger.

Here are some Utley soundbites from his interview today with reporters:

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Pence Not In Tonight’s Lineup Due to Arm Injury

Let the next wave of injuries continue for the Phillies.

Hunter Pence was left out of tonight’s line up in Arizona after telling manager Charlie Manuel that his right arm is bothering him. It is the first start of the season Pence has missed.

Pence hurt his arm diving for a ball in yesterday’s loss to the Padres. But he didn’t really feel it until today.

“I felt it after it happened but I had adrenaline going (Sunday) … until this morning when I woke up, I didn’t have the mobility that you need,” Pence said. “Like I said, I want to try to do more, but they don’t want me to. Hopefully it’s not a big deal, but we have to get it checked out first.”

With Pence’s arm bothering him, he may not even be an option to pinch-hit tonight against the Diamondbacks.

Tonight’s Line
Pierre, LF
Polanco, 3B
Rollins, SS
Wigginton, 1B
Victorino, CF
Ruiz, C
Mayberry, RF
Galvis, 2B
Kendrick, SP