As some of you saw last week, Sports Illustrated, a once great magazine whose letting-go of Rick Reilly still puzzles me, layed another egg. In Tim Marchman’s rating, they said Ruben Amaro, Jr. was the 19th best GM in all of major league baseball. 19th? NINETEENTH? You have got to be kidding me! Before I completely rip … Continue reading 19th?

Dobbs Has Cooties

OK all kidding aside, Greg Dobbs has the flu or stomach virus and the Charlie Manuel had him send home so he doesn’t infect the rest of the team. He won’t be allowed back until he is completely healthy Ruben Amaro Jr. said. Tyler Walker, who wasn’t on the 25-man roster but with the team, … Continue reading Dobbs Has Cooties

Phils Earn Split; Eliminate Fish

It was another rough series for the Phillies. It showed that they still have problems in the bull pen with Tyler Walker surrendering a walk off homer and Ryan Madson almost blowing a save today. The Phillies are still trying to find a reliable arm to finish off games. One big problem has been pitching … Continue reading Phils Earn Split; Eliminate Fish

Bad Time For Blown Saves

*photo from “We Should Be GM’s” Brad Lidge was back to his usual self once again. While everyone is counting down the Phillies magic number (5 for Atlanta and 4 for Florida), I’m counting up for Lidge’s blown save total. He is currently sitting at 11. That is absolute garbage. Some consider this the best … Continue reading Bad Time For Blown Saves

Romero, Durbin Sent to DL

Two more go down in the Phillies injury-plagued bull pen. Both JC Romero and Chad Durbin were sent to the 15-day DL. Being called up in their place were Andrew Carpenter and Tyler Walker. Both Walker and Carpenter have pitched this season for the Phillies. Romero has a strained left forearm and Durbin strained a … Continue reading Romero, Durbin Sent to DL