Dear Crossing Broad: Stop Crying

NOTE: Team to Beat is a very objective, non-controversial site. Though we express our opinions, they don’t go to the extremes you would see on most other sites. But there comes a time where stepping out of our shell and ignoring our policy is necessary. This is one instance. This post is in no disrespect … Continue reading Dear Crossing Broad: Stop Crying


Rollins activated from the DL

This time, Todd Zolecki beat Jimmy Rollins to the punch. This is good news for the Phillies as it will appear they could be without Chase Utley for a short time after getting hit by a pitch in the head. CONFIRMED: Rollins was just letting the reporters have a story. #ReporterSwag He followed with: “Before … Continue reading Rollins activated from the DL

Uh oh, we made LoMo mad…

Not really. Playful as usual with his favorite Twitter following, the Phillies fans, Logan Morrison was a little irked by our warning, or lack there of, on how good this Vance Worley kid really is. Yea, uh sorry about that, LoMo. You know, you wouldn’t have to worry about facing Worley if you were on … Continue reading Uh oh, we made LoMo mad…

IronPigs celebrating Twitter tonight

Minor League Baseball is so awesome. The ball parks are laid back, the promotions are cheesy (GRO-CER-IES) but most importantly, the family atmosphere is perfect is how every baseball game should be like. So back to the cheesy promotions. Tonight, the Phillies AAA team, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, are having a Social Media Night and … Continue reading IronPigs celebrating Twitter tonight

Friday Tweet-off

This is the third edition of my Friday Tweet-off. This one will be a little special though. Instead of asking fans, I’ve decided to ask five Phillies blogs a different question to get their expert analysis. What will the Phillies expect out of Dom Brown this year in the majors? @philliesnation: they can expect a … Continue reading Friday Tweet-off

Friday Tweet-Off

Seeing as last week’s inaugural Tweet-off went well, I asked five more Phillies fans five new questions and got some great responses. Here they are: Who will be the Phillies MVP off the bench this year and why? @LONG_DRIVE: I think Dobbs. I think he’ll return to where he was at in ’08 and give … Continue reading Friday Tweet-Off

Friday Tweet-off

As some of you may know, I have become extremely addicted to Twitter. It’s such an excellent tool for breaking news and sports debating. So today I decided to ask five random Phillies fans a question on Twitter. There will be no character-limit as I said they could use multiple tweets. This will be something I … Continue reading Friday Tweet-off

A Twitter Debate with Jessica Quiroli

I decided to challenge one of my favorite Tweeters on Twitter, Jessica Quiroli, to a small debate on the 2010 season. It started a couple nights ago and spanned to tonight. Quiroli is a freelance writer for the Phillies and their affiliates, the Yankees Double A affiliate, Trenton Thunder, and Junior Baseball Magazine. You can easily follow Quiroli on @heelsonthefield … Continue reading A Twitter Debate with Jessica Quiroli

Bruised and Battered

The Phillies will enter the playoffs on different terms than last year. Last year they clawed their way to October and a world championship but this year they made it in with barely a challenge from divisional opponents. But they were challenged with something else: the injury bug. The Phillies, especially the bull pen, have … Continue reading Bruised and Battered