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Dear Crossing Broad: Stop Crying

NOTE: Team to Beat is a very objective, non-controversial site. Though we express our opinions, they don’t go to the extremes you would see on most other sites. But there comes a time where stepping out of our shell and ignoring our policy is necessary. This is one instance. This post is in no disrespect to Kyle Scott or his website, Crossing Broad. But his latest blog post warrants this post and trip back to reality is needed for Philadelphia’s most controversial blogger.

The image is still burned in our minds: two straight years of the Phillies season ending in sudden disappointment with Ryan Howard taking the team’s final hacks (or lack thereof in one of those isntances).

But the image that sickens me isn’t Howard making the final out, rupturing his Achilles and seemingly being out for the first couple months of next season. It’s the gutless complaining and accusations directed at three of the Phillies on Twitter.

Why gutless? Because the same people who throw Shane Victorino under a bus over the computer would be kissing his ass, asking for an autograph and picture while continually telling him he’s “the man.” The same people who tell Jimmy Rollins he should have manned up in the post season would kiss his feet and thank him for 12 years in Philly if they saw him on the streets. They would also tell Hunter Pence to enjoy his meal if they saw him at a Philly restaurant instead of hoping he chokes on his steak while mentioning @HunterPence3.

So Mr. Scott aka CB aka the most hated blogger on Twitter, who in the blue hell are you to call these guys out? Who do you think you are to say Rollins can’t enjoy the weather, or Pence can’t try food in Philly or Victorino can’t tweet about the remaining teams in the post season?

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Rollins activated from the DL

This time, Todd Zolecki beat Jimmy Rollins to the punch.

This is good news for the Phillies as it will appear they could be without Chase Utley for a short time after getting hit by a pitch in the head.

CONFIRMED: Rollins was just letting the reporters have a story.


He followed with: “Before you all get ahead of yourselves I’m not playing tonight.” Looks like we’ll be seeing a combination of Michael Martinez, Pete Orr or Wilson Valdez in the middle.

Uh oh, we made LoMo mad…

Not really.

Playful as usual with his favorite Twitter following, the Phillies fans, Logan Morrison was a little irked by our warning, or lack there of, on how good this Vance Worley kid really is.

Yea, uh sorry about that, LoMo. You know, you wouldn’t have to worry about facing Worley if you were on this team. Just a thought.

With that being said, you guys really need to follow Morrison on Twitter because he is an absolutely funny, genuine and incredible guy. He’s also not too shabby on the diamond.

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Twitter fan art

I stumbled across some fantastic art today on Twitter. Everybody’s favorite Cole Hamels fan, @Collz83, shared her talents with the Twitter world when she posted a picture of this drawing she did of her favorite Phillies pitcher.

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IronPigs celebrating Twitter tonight

Minor League Baseball is so awesome. The ball parks are laid back, the promotions are cheesy (GRO-CER-IES) but most importantly, the family atmosphere is perfect is how every baseball game should be like.

So back to the cheesy promotions. Tonight, the Phillies AAA team, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, are having a Social Media Night and are wearing jerseys to honor everyone’s favorite social media site.

Here are the jerseys tweeted (no pun intended… I hope) by the IronPigs official account after the jump.

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Friday Tweet-off

This is the third edition of my Friday Tweet-off. This one will be a little special though. Instead of asking fans, I’ve decided to ask five Phillies blogs a different question to get their expert analysis.

What will the Phillies expect out of Dom Brown this year in the majors?

@philliesnation: they can expect a September call up unless there is an outfield injury during the season.

Who is your favorite Phillies personality and why (TV, radio, etc.)?

@PhoulBallz: fave phils tv personality is now Gary Sr. because Sarge is Pimpin!!

Who has been the biggest surprise in Spring Training thus far?

@Phinally: Big surprise for us was Scott Mathieson being sent down so early. We thought that he had a shot at making the roster this year.

Will Mike Zagurski or Scott Mathierson have a bigger impact on the Phillies this year?

@Macho_Row: Not sure either will play a vital role, but my money would be on Mathieson. Not a huge fan of Zagurski really.

If MLB was doing a 32-team tourny with 4 regions, who would your no. 1 seeds be?

Didn’t get answered so I’ll answer it myself: Phillies, Yankees, Red Sox, and Cardinals would be the #1’s.

Friday Tweet-Off

Seeing as last week’s inaugural Tweet-off went well, I asked five more Phillies fans five new questions and got some great responses. Here they are:

Who will be the Phillies MVP off the bench this year and why?
@LONG_DRIVE: I think Dobbs. I think he’ll return to where he was at in ’08 and give them a big lift. Close second will be Francisco.

What will Roy Halladay’s first regular season box score look like?
@M_OMalley: 0 runs 0 hits 27 strike outs 0.00 ERA… oh and 0 walks. ; )

Can you describe how amazing Werth’s beard truly is?
@JWerthsBeard: There are so many things awesome about it, so it shall take some time… I’m so awesome b/c I make grown men cry, have more fans than the Nationals, & would’ve been able to stop Sidney Crosby’s shot.

What prospect will have the biggest impact in the future for the Phils?
@j42justin of Red Pinstripes: Obvious pick: Dom Brown, 5-tool outfielder, top prospect. Sleeper: Trevor May, hard throwing right hander. 95k in 77.1 lowA

Who is your favorite Phillies beat writer and why?
@phillysniper76: I like Andy Martino (@phillieszone), He is very well connected with the team and he knows his stuff…Andy makes you feel like you are part of the team, the stats, the clubhouse stuff and the other in tangibles…I also like Meredith Morokovits, from the fanatic, for a woman she gets in there and gets the story. very reliable sources.

Random hits:

@ryanlawrence21 of Delco Times: You know how when you play at Wrigley the ball can get lost in the ivy? What are the odds a ball gets lost in @JWerthsBeard this year?

@The700Level: Beardface just had a brilliant idea for a fan group at CBP, “Werth’s Disciples.” Has anyone come up with that yet?

@TimothyMalcom after the 3-2 walk-off ST win against NYY: Phillies win game 7! Best of nine series now 4-3.

Friday Tweet-off

As some of you may know, I have become extremely addicted to Twitter. It’s such an excellent tool for breaking news and sports debating. So today I decided to ask five random Phillies fans a question on Twitter. There will be no character-limit as I said they could use multiple tweets. This will be something I will try to do each week from now until the end of the season.

Here are this week’s questions:

What are you most excited for this Phillies season?
@chelsealynn818: Roy Halladay finally pitching for us and possibly getting back to the World Series.

Who do you think will be the Phillies MVP this season? Please include stats.
@meechone of The Fightins: I’m biased, but… Ryan Howard – .285/62/192/131 – he will break the single-season HR, RBI & SB records

Who should be the Phillies 5th starter and why?
@PhilaSports of Liberty Bell Sports: I think it all depends on if everyone is healthy enough for the start of the season, whoever performs better in spring training… between Moyer and Kendrick.

Who needs a bigger bounce-back year: Lidge, Hamels, Rollins, or other and why?
@f*ckthemets: If I was going to go obvious-style, I’d say Lidge. The rest of the bullpen proved it can’t take over, and…I don’t trust Baez closing again, either. But other than Lidge, I’d have to say Greg Dobbs (!). He’s our most important infield…bench player, and when he’s hot, he completely changes an opponent’s relief strategy.

Which NL team scares you the most in challenging the Phils for the pennant?
@iAims: The Cardinals, only because of their batting.

Random hits of the day:

@Macho_Row on Doc’s first perfect game: Won’t have to wait long. Opening Day against the Nationals is just around the corner.

@ryanlawrence21 (of Delco Times) on Doc’s beard: I consider Doc’s more “7 o’clock shadow” (slightly more prominent than 5 o’clock) than full-fledged beard.

A Twitter Debate with Jessica Quiroli

I decided to challenge one of my favorite Tweeters on Twitter, Jessica Quiroli, to a small debate on the 2010 season. It started a couple nights ago and spanned to tonight. Quiroli is a freelance writer for the Phillies and their affiliates, the Yankees Double A affiliate, Trenton Thunder, and Junior Baseball Magazine. You can easily follow Quiroli on @heelsonthefield and read her blog, High Heels on the Field.

Here is the transcript of our chat. She decided to start it off with asking my favorite Yankee knowing my loyalty to the Phillies:

heelsonthefield: Your favorite Yankee!

TeamToBeat: Derek Jeter is my favorite Yankee because he is a class act on and off the field. Every team needs a Jeter

Heels: Agreed. I think Utley conducts himself the same as Jeter.

TTB: minus a few F-bombs haha

Heels: Oh. Yea. That. Lol #TheUtleyLegendSpeech

TTB: who has the best infield in baseball?

Heels: Marlins, Dodgers, Phillies & Yankees

TTB: to answer my IF q, I think the Phillies could have the best IF in baseball IMO. Offensively/defensively they get it done

TTB: which newly acquired FA/traded player will have the biggest impact on their new team?

Heels: It’s like you’re setting me up. ha…oh, let me see…I’m going to say the #Phillies & #Mariners. #FAJackpot

Heels: Sorry, it’s late. To correctly answer: Halladay & Lee.

TTB: I have to agree. Lee is going to help SEA but Halladay should feast on weaker hitting in the NL East.

Heels: What gives #Phillies fans more confidence: starting rotation or the bullpen? (Halladay can’t win every game)

TTB: I can see an argument for both: Halladay takes pressure off Cole, a huge plus indeed and should improve Cole’s year

TTB: but the pen’s addition of Baez and Contreras and a healthy Lidge gives us a lot of confidence late in games

TTB: who will be the surprise team this year (e.g. COL in 09, TB in 08)?

Heels: I don’t make predictions, so I can’t answer that one. 🙂

TTB: I know you don’t do predictions but who are your 2010 WS teams?

Heels: You’re killing me. 😉 Ok..if I answer this, I risk aggravating certain baseball fans. I don’t know if I want to do that.

TTB: I never get angry with predictions. I mean Philly has gotten snubbed in every sport except hockey this year. Give it a go

Heels: I don’t mean you would. But I’ve been called names, traitor for one, and it’s tiring. I’d like people to be more ojective.

TTB: well in your objective opinion lol

Heels: I think the NL team will be the #Dodgers. But I’m NOT making a prediction. Just on paper, they look really good.

TTB: so will it be too much to ask if there is an AL team that will face the Dodgers?

Heels: Ok. Here goes: The #Yankees. I’d like to imagine the #Tigers or #Twins have a shot. But…

Heels: I really hope I don’t get any nasty tweets from #Phillies fans for answering @TeamToBeat’s questions.

TTB: if you do, Im sorry. As for me: Phils and Cards seem to be the best in the NL and I think NYY and SEA could be the AL teams

TTB: Thank you for the little baseball chat.

Heels: No problem. I love a great baseball chat/debate.

Bruised and Battered

The Phillies will enter the playoffs on different terms than last year. Last year they clawed their way to October and a world championship but this year they made it in with barely a challenge from divisional opponents. But they were challenged with something else: the injury bug.

The Phillies, especially the bull pen, have battled injuries all season and will have to continue to do so in the playoffs. Jamie Moyer was the most recent pitcher to fall victim as he will have season ending surgery to repair his groin and abdomen. He was hurt on Tuesday.

It is also made known that JC Romero’s season will be over. I found on Twitter via The 700 Level. Hopefully the Phillies will be able to find two competent replacements for Moyer and Romero. Chan Ho Park is currently rehabbing and is eligible to be placed on the 25-man playoff roster.

Cliff Lee will pitch tonight which will set him up to pitch Game 1 of the NLDS most likely versus Colorado.