The Greatest Job in the World

It’s a job that doesn’t require any athletic ability. You don’t need a college degree and you don’t need to be a genius. You don’t need to study, work out, or prepare yourself like anyone else. There are only two skills required: a love for baseball and a love for making people happy. That’s where … Continue reading The Greatest Job in the World

Reconciliation for Big Mac

The off season is a very dry time for Phillies news so that’s why I will report once in awhile some big news, issues, and other things around baseball because I love the game and love to give my opinion on everything. Here is another one of thos events. After Tony LaRussa added Mark McGwire … Continue reading Reconciliation for Big Mac

All Douche Bag Team

I was bored at work today and my friend challenged me to make a line up of the biggest douche bags in baseball. I decided to one-up him and make a 25-man roster. This may not be the most loved team but it would sure win a World Series if the players were at their … Continue reading All Douche Bag Team

FIM #13: The Birth of the Phillie Phanatic

He’s from the Galapagos Islands. He warms our hearts. He’s big, green, and furry. He resembles a character Dr. Suess would have invented. He is the Phillie Phanatic and he is by far the coolest mascot in all of professionial sports. Moment #13 is when he was introduced back in 1978. Sports Illustrated voted the … Continue reading FIM #13: The Birth of the Phillie Phanatic