The “Big Three” Is the Story this Series

By John Russo Charlie Manuel knows what he did just put his team in the best position to win. So does Bobby Cox, who knows what it’s like to have a “Big Three” on his roster. “It’s unbelievable,” Cox said before Monday’s game. “Oswalt’s been dynamite ever since he got over here. It’s a good … Continue reading The “Big Three” Is the Story this Series

Padilla/Glavine on Phillies Radar?

Tom Glavine and Vicente Padilla were recently released from the Braves and Rangers respectively and should not be on the free agent market for too long. Rumor Mill on Baseball One NL exec said… “The Phillies have been waiting for just this type of opportunity; take a veteran starter for a test drive for … Continue reading Padilla/Glavine on Phillies Radar?