The Road to the Phinal Phour

The all-Philly tourney is nearing it’s conclusion. With one #1 team eliminated and a wacky Final Four soon to be set, the final eight athletes/personalities will compete to become the greatest athlete in the history of Philadelphia. I asked myself one thing earlier today: Where the hell is the Phillie Phanatic? Yes, I know we … Continue reading The Road to the Phinal Phour


Phils Cut Ties With Moyer, Dobbs

The Phillies let 47-year-old left-hander Jamie Moyer and pinch hitter Greg Dobbs test the free agency market, likely ending their terms in a Phillies uniform. After a season-ending elbow injury hit Moyer, who turns 48 next month, and two straight poor years at the plate for Dobbs, the Phillies took the next step of their … Continue reading Phils Cut Ties With Moyer, Dobbs

Doc: He Means the World to Us

1972 was an interesting year for Phillies fans. Steve Carlton was acquired from St. Louis for Rick Wise in what people know today as one of the worst trades in baseball history. At the time, it made sense. Wise and Carlton were nearly identical statistically. Carlton had more raw talent and Wise, who was fresh … Continue reading Doc: He Means the World to Us

Doc Wins 20th For Phils

It’s a feat that hasn’t been accomplished since Steve Carlton did so in 1982.  Roy Halladay won his 20th game tonight, becoming the first Phillies pitcher to accomplish such a feat in the last 28 years.  Halladay helped to the Phillies extend their division lead with a 5-3 victory over the Atlanta Braves. Halladay has been everything the Phillies could’ve hoped … Continue reading Doc Wins 20th For Phils

All Time Phillies Team….by decade

By Dan MacNeal Now when I thought of this project, I thought it would be fun to mix and match some guys from different decades and see how this team would come together.  Well, during the actual project, I felt it to be like filling out a college basketball pool, with constant changes and updates.  … Continue reading All Time Phillies Team….by decade

Kalas Statue in the Making

  –Philadelphia Inquirer  A Vermont sculptor is working on a clay model of Harry Kalas. His vision is to present the statue in a bronze form to the Phillies organization. Lawrence J. Nolan is the sculptor and he hopes to be able to remember the late Kalas by having him join Richie Ashburn, Mike Schmidt, Robin Roberts, … Continue reading Kalas Statue in the Making

Simp-Lee Amazing

The weather was cold but the bats were on fire. The Phillies battered and beat the Dodgers 11-0 in game three to take a 2-1 series lead in the NLCS. From the start of the game with a 1-2-3 top and a four-run bottom first inning to the 1-2-3 9th pitched by Chad Durbin that … Continue reading Simp-Lee Amazing

FIM Recap

I’m still up for absolutely no reason whatsoever so I decided to recap moment 15-2 of the Famous/Infamous Moment series. Tomorrow morning I will post #1 which is pretty obvious as to what it is. Here is the list: #15 – Steve Cartlon (1994), Mike Schmidt and Richie Ashburn (1995), and Jim Bunning (1996) get … Continue reading FIM Recap

FIM #3: 1980 World Champions

It only took 95 years for it to happen. Hell even Cubs fans wish it would have only taken 95 years but they’re still working on 100 right now. It took three Hall of Famers and a great supporting cast of great players to finally get the Phillies over the top. Before then, they had … Continue reading FIM #3: 1980 World Champions