Could Madson end up back in Philadelphia?

When Ruben Amaro offered arbitration to Ryan Madson last month, he did not think Madson would still be jobless by the winter meetings. Well that’s the case now and it could wind up hurting the Phillies. Amaro offered arbitration because he knew he would get a nice compensation from whatever team signed him. High draft … Continue reading Could Madson end up back in Philadelphia?

The Werth Free Agency Post

Dec. 6 In the Philadelphia Dailey News writer Paul Haggen’s article today, he quotes Jayson Werth after he signed his lucrative contract with Wahington. “It’s something they’re going to have to answer,” he told reporters when asked why the Phillies didn’t re-sign him. “Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. I did have a great time in … Continue reading The Werth Free Agency Post

Phils Don’t Expect Werth Back

Some of the players on the Phillies don’t think that Jayson Werth will be back in Philadelphia reported Sports Illustrated’s Jon Heyman on Twitter. Whether it’s Werth not wanting to come back or suggesting the front office won’t spend big money on Werth, some of the players have their doubts, and rightfully so. Werth signed … Continue reading Phils Don’t Expect Werth Back

Phillies Notebook 9/20/10

By John Russo PHILADELPHIA — Jayson Werth doesn’t want to talk much about his recent announcement to sign Scott Boras as his agent. All Werth has his mind on right now is the first of two crucial series with the Atlanta Braves. “I’m worried about the Atlanta Braves and the Philadelphia Phillies and winning … Continue reading Phillies Notebook 9/20/10

Werth to Sign With Boras?

All hopes of being able to land Jayson Werth in the offseason may go down the drain. NBC Sports is reporting that a Werth could sign with Scott Boras as his agent when he heads into free agency this winter. On Friday, Werth left Jeff Borris and Beverly Hills Sports council and is looking for … Continue reading Werth to Sign With Boras?