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Could Madson end up back in Philadelphia?

(AP Photo/Tom Gannam)

When Ruben Amaro offered arbitration to Ryan Madson last month, he did not think Madson would still be jobless by the winter meetings.

Well that’s the case now and it could wind up hurting the Phillies.

Amaro offered arbitration because he knew he would get a nice compensation from whatever team signed him. High draft picks means good prospects and with the Phillies getting older, that’s a plus.

It’s still unlikely Madson accepts arbitration because it would lock him up for one year as the set up man for the Phillies new closer, Jonathan Papelbon, lessening his value as a closer for next off season.

But Madson could also pitch in a familiar environment for a year and become available next season when guys like Papelbon and former San Diego closer Heath Bell aren’t on the market as well.

But what if he does? It could hand cuff the Phillies in a way Amaro didn’t even think about.

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The Werth Free Agency Post

Dec. 6

In the Philadelphia Dailey News writer Paul Haggen’s article today, he quotes Jayson Werth after he signed his lucrative contract with Wahington.

“It’s something they’re going to have to answer,” he told reporters when asked why the Phillies didn’t re-sign him. “Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. I did have a great time in Philadelphia. [But] once you get to a point where you feel unwanted or you get a sense you’re not part of the plans, it’s time to move on. At that point, I was ready to go, and fortunately enough for me, I found a home in Washington.”

Werth says he didn’t feel wanted in Philadelphia. With Ruben Amaro, that’s a whole different story. But there were countless numbers of fans who expressed through signs and the way they praised Werth in right field that they wanted the right-handed slugger to stay.

So whether it was a front office issue, a club house issue, or just Werth wanted a change of scenery, what’s done is done. Werth is in Washington where he feels the Nationals can rise to the top of the National League in the near future.

“I went to Philadelphia [in 2007] and we won. I signed here in Washington with the same aspirations. I signed here to win and I believe we’re going to win. It’s going to take some time. It’s going to be a challenge. But that was one thing the Lerner family and the organization was willing to give me: time to win and to help this thing along…”

“I’ve never been anybody but who I am,” Werth said in the conference call. “I’m going to be myself day in and day out. Every day I’m going to play hard. I’m going to play the game the right way. I’m going to do things in the clubhouse and off the field that are maybe overlooked in this game but more often than not create a winning atmosphere.

“I’m on board with the organizational goals and where I see this organization going in the upcoming years. I don’t have to prove anything to anybody but myself and my teammates.”

Washington certainly can build up a high-powered offense but it’s going to be pitching that will be the big problem for them. Unless they shock the world again and go after Cliff Lee.

Dec. 5

The Washington Nationals have signed Jayson Werth to a seven-year, $126 million contract this afternoon. Todd Zolecki was the first to report the signing on Twitter.

Both the Phillies and Red Sox made final offers to Werth when they found out Washington was close but could not pry him away from D.C.

The deal will end the marriage between the Phillies and Werth, which last four seasons. It saw Werth go from a platoon player in 2008 to a key contributor in 2009 and 2010. His growth the last three years turned him into the super star Scott Boras made Werth out to be in order to land him a lucrative contract.

Werth is a Type-A free agent which means the Phillies will get the Nats highest draft pick. But seeing as Washington drafts in the first 15, the Phillies will get their second-round pick, a number in the low 30’s.

Dec. 2

We all know about the rumor started last week with Jayson Werth. Today, Randy Miller said that Ruben Amaro told him the Phillies have a realistic chance at signing Werth.

More from Miller’s twitter:

“Oh, I think it’s a possibility. We never ruled it out. People can speculate whatever they want to speculate.”

“We’ve never said we don’t want to bring him back.”

Phils Don’t Expect Werth Back

The end looks to be near for Jayson Werth as a Phillie.

Some of the players on the Phillies don’t think that Jayson Werth will be back in Philadelphia reported Sports Illustrated’s Jon Heyman on Twitter.

Whether it’s Werth not wanting to come back or suggesting the front office won’t spend big money on Werth, some of the players have their doubts, and rightfully so. Werth signed with Scott Boras in the end of September a day after hitting a walk-off homer, though Werth said that had nothing to do with it.

Werth said on Monday, Sept. 2o that he had decided to sign with Boras a week in advanced and was waiting for a good time to announce it. Coincidentally, it happened after that game-winning homer.

But Ruben Amaro, Jr. said that the Phillies will want to sign Werth back. He said they have the money to sign him but it depends on the asking price of Werth.

“What is going to drive the bus is Jayson and Scott,” Amaro said of the time frame. “Typically these things don’t move particularly quickly…

“Jayson had a good year. It wasn’t an extraordinary year,” Amaro said. “He had a tough time with men in scoring position. It wasn’t as productive a year as he had in the past. If he is not with us, there are players that we can acquire and or we have in our own organization that can help us be as consistent.”

Losing Werth along with Raul Ibanez’s age catching up to him, Jimmy Rollins on the decline, and Ryan Howard and Chase Utley both well over 30 could spell the start of a decline for the Phillies.

With Domonic Brown waiting in the wings to make his impact on the Phillies roster, the Phillies line up next year could experience a make over. Expect the roller coaster of events to start after the World Series.

MORE FROM RUBE — The Phils held a press conference today at noon in which Amaro and Werth were both a part of (Roy Halladay spoke too but it was unrelated to Werth’s situation).

In it, Amaro touched on a few things with Werth while the star himself refused to answer questions on his situation, actually lashing out a bit at Randy Miller. In turn, Werth said he enjoyed his tenure in Philly (a scary indication of it being over?) and thanked the fans in right field, saying that no other team in baseball has fans like that.

But in Amaro’s 30 minutes at the podium, he said this (transcript courtesy of Todd Zolecki on his blog):

On Werth’s price:
I have not had any discussions with Scott (Boras) yet. I obviously will (talk to him) over the next 48 hours or so. We’ll make contact. I guess the follow up question are, do we have enough money to do it? And would we like to bring him back? I think the answers to both questions are yes. However that will depend on what the ask is and ultimately how that will affect us with other possible moves we would have to make to do that.

On if Brown would be handed the job if Werth doesn’t come back:
We have not given the job to Domonic Brown in right field. And he’s been told that flat out. He’s going to have to earn a spot on our club next year. He is going to Winter Ball. A lot of it will depend on the status of Jayson, but he has been by no means promised a job. He has been promised an opportunity, but he’s going to have to earn it.

Those are the two answers that stood out to me. Amaro did answer a few more questions on Werth and I suggest reading Zo’s post. That’s a lot of work to write out a transcript of an entire presser.

Phillies Notebook 9/20/10

By John Russo

PHILADELPHIA — Jayson Werth doesn’t want to talk much about his recent announcement to sign Scott Boras as his agent.

All Werth has his mind on right now is the first of two crucial series with the Atlanta Braves.

“I’m worried about the Atlanta Braves and the Philadelphia Phillies and winning this division and winning the World Series,” Werth said to reporters before Monday’s game.

The Phillies don’t expect to have the payroll to retain Werth, whose walk-off, two-run homer beat the Washington Nationals, 7-6, on Sunday. But Werth didn’t feel signing with Boras necessarily punched his ticket out of Philadelphia.

“Being in the situation I’m in going into free agency over the past few months, I thought it was time to make a switch,” said Werth. “I don’t think it has anything to do with anything other than wanting the best representation going into free agency.”

Like a lot of people, manager Charlie Manuel would love to hold onto Werth, a free agent after the season who figures to command a five-year contract well in excess of $50 million.

“I’d take it I’d like to keep Jayson Werth but what can I do about it?” Manuel said. “The agent and the money part is none of my business.”

Werth isn’t focused on the offseason yet or even the next game in the series.

“I’m really just taking it one game at a time, one pitch at a time,” Werth said. “I’m trying to have a good at bat my next at-bat. The old cliche thing is, ‘one game at a time,’ and it really holds true and you can’t look too far ahead.

“We have a very big opportunity here and I think everybody’s aware of that. It’s just a matter of going out and continuing to do what we’ve done.”

HAPPY TRAILS — This may very well be Bobby Cox’s last trip to Philadelphia.

That is, pending a trip back in October.

“I’m thinking about this series, but I would love to come back here,” said the Atlanta Braves manager about a hopeful trip in the playoffs.

Cox’s Braves are 86-64 in his final season, trailing the Phillies by three games heading into Monday. They also hold a 2 1/2 game lead on the San Francisco Giants in the Wild Card.

A series win would bring them a game closer and a sweep would pull them to a first-place tie.

“It feels like I’m in a race again,” Cox said. “Your stomach gets nervous. I don’t know about the other managers. But you know, every pitch is big and every swing is big.”

Cox is finally hanging up the managerial cleats after 25 years with the Braves and four with the Toronto Blue Jays. But he isn’t ready to look back on his career just yet.

“I don’t think any a manager has until they actually retire, you know,” he mused. “It’s a blur. Baseball careers are a blur. It goes awfully fast.”

NOT OVER YET — Even if the Phillies manage to sweep the Braves in three games, manager Charlie Maneul doesn’t feel that the division is a lock.

“It’s getting there, but it ain’t ever over until it’s over,” said Manuel, channeling Yogi Berra before Monday’s game. “Believe me, the last three or four years Detroit was in first place (late and didn’t make it). And I remember that year in Boston when they painted their (postseason) logo.

“I remember in ’95 when the California Angels sold programs and everything and they had an 11-game lead with 18 to play and they didn’t make it. Now you gotta keep going. You got to play it out.”

And Manuel surely can’t forget 2007 when the Phils closed up a seven-game gap on the  Mets with 17 games to play to win their first division title in 14 years.

Werth to Sign With Boras?

All hopes of being able to land Jayson Werth in the offseason may go down the drain. NBC Sports is reporting that a Werth could sign with Scott Boras as his agent when he heads into free agency this winter.

On Friday, Werth left Jeff Borris and Beverly Hills Sports council and is looking for a new person to represent him.

Werth is making $7 million this season and should be looking at a contract giving him over twice as much. But with this being Werth’s contract year, his performance has been way down compared to last season.

In 2009, Werth batted .268 with 36 homers, 99 RBIs and an OPS of .879. His numbers this year have drastically improved from his awful June/July as he’s now batting .296 with 20 homers, 66 RBIs and a .911 OPS through September 6 (135 games).

Werth’s numbers this season are still good, no doubt. But his run-producing is way down and the contract he will likely get with Boras will be well undeserved and way out of the Phillies front office’s reach.

Is it time to say goodbye?