2012 TTB Staff Predictions

The 2012 baseball season is around the corner, and like a lot of people do, it’s prediction time! We did this last year and site founder John Russo won the prediction pool, which saw some sweet picks as well as some laughable busts. This year, the American League is filled to the brim with talent, … Continue reading 2012 TTB Staff Predictions

Tallying the TTB preseason predictions

If you guys remember, back in April, a majority of the TTB staff submitted their preseason predictions for the season. The predictions consisted of division winners, Wild Cards, LCS and World series winners, and MVP, Cy Young, Manager of the Year, Comeback Player of the Year winners for each league. With the latter five being … Continue reading Tallying the TTB preseason predictions

TTB staff makes their preseason predictions

The 2011 baseball season is full of potential to be one of the best yet. Last season gave fans of pitching a real treat with the __ perfect games and no-hitters (and a few close calls). It also saw the San Francisco Giants, carried by pitching and a lightning-in-a-bottle offense, win the World Series. Questions … Continue reading TTB staff makes their preseason predictions

A stab at the 25-man roster

This has been every blogger’s favorite guessing game since the blogging world has begun: predicting the Phillies Opening Day roster. There are definitely about 18-20 locks each year to make the squad. Then injuries and hot springs factor in and you have a few surprises. The Phillies suffered key injuries to three players who were … Continue reading A stab at the 25-man roster

Phillies 2010 Predictions

Who doesn’t love predicting things? I sure as heck love predicting things and finding myself to be right. It’s self-gratifying… Okay I’m done sounding like my favorite Phillies blog – a conceited prick. Here is a  little outlook on who I feel will lead the Phillies in certain categories this year: Hits: Shane Victorino Average: Chase … Continue reading Phillies 2010 Predictions

High Expectations for Nostra-Jimmy

@ScottLauber: Jimmy Rollins says he wants to steal 50 bases, make less than three errors, score 150 runs, hit .300 The bold predictions continue from Jimmy. The numbers he presented are numbers that would make him an MVP candidate. Does Jimmy have that type of production in him? I don’t think so. Can he give the … Continue reading High Expectations for Nostra-Jimmy

World Seres: New York Yankees vs Philadelphia Phillies

This is it, folks. The Phillies now know who they are playing in the World Series after the Yankees beat the Angels in six games. This is the match up many fans have dreamt up in the beginning of the season. The Yankees went into the past offseason and made big splashes that have really … Continue reading World Seres: New York Yankees vs Philadelphia Phillies

NLCS Preview: #1 Dodgers vs. #2 Phillies

The Phillies are coming into the NLCS off of a huge series win versus the hottest team in baseball. Now they get to face the Dodgers, who stumbled into the post season but swept the Cardinals in the NLDS. The winner of this series will go on to the World Series to face the winners … Continue reading NLCS Preview: #1 Dodgers vs. #2 Phillies