Where Are They Now?: The 2008 Phillies

A lot had changed in the last three years. And this off season saw four more members of the 2008 squad bite the dust. Brad Lidge and Ryan Madson, the unbreakable 8th and 9th inning tandem that closed the door on 48 games in 2008, found new homes this off season with the Nationals and … Continue reading Where Are They Now?: The 2008 Phillies

Phormer Phils: Randy Wolf

Oooowwwwwooooooooooooooohhhhhh Yea, I just went there. Remember this guy, Randy Wolf? How can you forget? Wolf was one of the first Phils to have a fan club, an inspiration for the Wolf Pack. Decked out in wolf masks and wolf claws, the Wolf Pack was present every fifth day at Veterans Stadium’s 700 level. But … Continue reading Phormer Phils: Randy Wolf

Phormer Phils: Pat Burrell

For nine seasons, Pat Burrell had a home in Philadelphia. At first, it was home sweet home to him and after that, he was often booed and begged to leave the City of Sometimes Loved. 2008 was a different year though. Burrell enjoyed one of the best seasons of his career and in that same … Continue reading Phormer Phils: Pat Burrell

Phormer Phils: Houston Astros

The “Land of Misfit Phils” as I like to call them, the Houston Astros and former Phillies GM Ed Wade sure love to collect Phillies. It’s almost as if Wade still thinks he’s with the Phillies organization, picking up any crumbs that fall off the table. There are currently five players on the Astros that … Continue reading Phormer Phils: Houston Astros

Phormer Phils: Scott Rolen

By John Russo Since we completely forgot all about this segment, we though it would be nice to continue it with the Phillies playing Cincinnati and another notable Phormer Phillie. Scott Rolen will forever be remembered as the player ahead of his time, the guy who potentially could have been greater than Mike Schmidt but … Continue reading Phormer Phils: Scott Rolen

Phormer Phils: Billy Wagner

By Dan MacNeal As a new segment on Team to Beat, I’ll be profiling former Phillies who are still active in MLB.  This week, facing the Braves, we’ll be focusing on Billy Wagner. After the Phillies traded for (at the time) a three-time All Star closer, the Phils bullpen looked stronger with the lefty fireballer … Continue reading Phormer Phils: Billy Wagner