A Wednesday blog stroll

It’s hump day. And hump days suck. The middle of the week is always boring and I have come to rescue the world (by world I mean my three dozen readers) from this dreaded concept called boredom. So I went for a walk. Not a real walk, I’m too lazy for that. Instead, I decided … Continue reading A Wednesday blog stroll


Halladay Sweepstakes

So what is Roy Halladay worth to me? If I was Ruben Amaro, what would I be willing to give up to obtain an amazing pitcher like Halladay? Well I have a few different packages I would like to send to Toronto in exchange for Doc. I was discussing this with my friend Justin Evans of … Continue reading Halladay Sweepstakes

Blog Stroll 10/27/09

I figured I haven’t done one of these in a long time so I might as well post some of the funnier things I read the past couple of days: The Fightins did a hilarious post titled “The Bandwagoners Guide to the 2009 Yankees.” In it they talk about some of the current and recently … Continue reading Blog Stroll 10/27/09

New York Invasion

The Phillies and their fans invaded Queens this past weekend, including the Phillies Nation bus trip on Saturday where a fight was shown in their section by Comcast. After dropping the first game thanks to some poor pitching by Cole Hamels, the Phillies bats exploded as they handled the Mets to win three of four … Continue reading New York Invasion

Marlins Sweep Phillies

I am extremely frustrated at watching this Phillies team play as of late. Three rants to be had on this team after watching their performance versus Florida (or lack there of). Cole Hamels is a sissy: If there is anyone out their that has no heart, it’s Cole Hamels. He has been a disgrace to … Continue reading Marlins Sweep Phillies

Phillies Nation Likes Halladay

So the Phillies need a big-time pitcher. Who would sell and has valuable pitching? The Indians, Orioles and Mariners figure to be sellers in the American League. The National League is harder to gauge, but I’ll predict Ed Wade’s Astros will at least think about it. As will the Rockies, Padres, Pirates and Reds. The … Continue reading Phillies Nation Likes Halladay