Preview vs. Phoul Ballz posted

The Phield posted my preview versus Phoul Ballz today. Read what he said about the 11-seed underdog, Team to Beat: Born in 2009, Team to Beat has steadily grown to a solid fourth-tier force in the blogosphere. John Russo mixes standard game fare with commentary through a clean WordPress background. It’s easy to read and … Continue reading Preview vs. Phoul Ballz posted


Support Team to Beat!

A hot topic up on the Phillies blogosphere is The Phield’s Phillies blog March Madness. Yours truly got selected on Selection Tuesday to compete against 64 other blogs in the 65-blog tournament. In the first round, I am going up against Phoul Ballz, a very respectable Phillies blog on, my old domain. I am … Continue reading Support Team to Beat!

Phillies March Madness: Final Four

Here is your Philadelphia Phinal Phour #1 Chase Utley vs #2 Curt Schilling Why Utley: Mr. Utley was THE man for the Phillies since 2005. He has a .298 average going into the 2009 season and is one of the few guys producing offensively during the Phillies current slow start. Some of his career achievements … Continue reading Phillies March Madness: Final Four