Tom Burgoyne… err The Phillie Phanatic is a trooper

The Phillie Phanatic just went from the greatest mascot in all of sports to a the most bad ass. Tom Burgoyne, aka the Phanatic’s buddy, took a foul ball to the face at a Lehigh Valley IronPigs game yesterday. The ball struck the Phanatic in the neck area, where Burgoyne’s face lies in the costume. … Continue reading Tom Burgoyne… err The Phillie Phanatic is a trooper

The Greatest Job in the World

It’s a job that doesn’t require any athletic ability. You don’t need a college degree and you don’t need to be a genius. You don’t need to study, work out, or prepare yourself like anyone else. There are only two skills required: a love for baseball and a love for making people happy. That’s where … Continue reading The Greatest Job in the World

The (2nd) Home Opener

by Dan MacNeal Could it have been a better day for the home opener? The sun was shining, the smell of grilled hamburgers was in the air, and the fans were pumped. The area around Citizens Bank Park was like a zoo, with Mr. Greengenes playing on Citizens Bank Way and various local radio and … Continue reading The (2nd) Home Opener

Phanatic Honored; Romero Update

The Phillie Phanatic will be everywhere in Philly now. 20 different Phillie Phanatic statues will be scattered around Philadelphia as a tourist attraction. “Fans who already love the Phillie Phanatic will see him in a brand new way,” said Frank Luzi, the museum’s public relations director. “There’s something different to each one.” Some of the places the statue will be … Continue reading Phanatic Honored; Romero Update

FIM Recap

I’m still up for absolutely no reason whatsoever so I decided to recap moment 15-2 of the Famous/Infamous Moment series. Tomorrow morning I will post #1 which is pretty obvious as to what it is. Here is the list: #15 – Steve Cartlon (1994), Mike Schmidt and Richie Ashburn (1995), and Jim Bunning (1996) get … Continue reading FIM Recap

FIM #13: The Birth of the Phillie Phanatic

He’s from the Galapagos Islands. He warms our hearts. He’s big, green, and furry. He resembles a character Dr. Suess would have invented. He is the Phillie Phanatic and he is by far the coolest mascot in all of professionial sports. Moment #13 is when he was introduced back in 1978. Sports Illustrated voted the … Continue reading FIM #13: The Birth of the Phillie Phanatic