Hockey Invades the Bank

For one week, Citizens Bank Park was turned into a Winter Wonderland filled with hockey action. The action featured Philadelphia hockey in it’s most beautiful and elegant form, which was in front of 45,000-plus diehard Flyers fans for the whole world to see. The past week was the fifth annual NHL Bridgestone Winter Classic. For … Continue reading Hockey Invades the Bank

Winter Classic today at 3:00

Phillies fans, if you really want to see Citizens Bank Park filled with your fellow¬†brethren, check out NBC today at 3 PM. The Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers will turn one of America’s most beautiful baseball parks into an outdoor hockey barn for one day. The Classic will showcase Philadelphia as a fervent hockey … Continue reading Winter Classic today at 3:00

Your daily Winter Classic post

It’s the off season so spare me your dramatics. We’ll be back to real news and well thought out content in no time. So Adam Kimelman (@NHLAdamK) has been a champ at posting photos of Citizens Bank Park as it prepares for hockey. The photos he tweeted today include Ashburn Alley being given a little … Continue reading Your daily Winter Classic post

The Winter Classic ice truck is in Philly

As per the Flyers official Twitter page: Yep, that is indeed the truck that carries the magical ice for the Winter Classic. It is parked outside of the Wells Fargo Center for the Flyers 1:00 PM showdown with the Boston Bruins. Today’s game will be the last game in Philadelphia for the Flyers before January … Continue reading The Winter Classic ice truck is in Philly

Winter Classic tickets have arrived

The Winter Classic tickets look absolutely gorgeous. Christmas is coming early for Flyers fans, who are finding very special envelopes from Santa Claus… eeerr the Flyers. Tickets are slowly arriving to those fortunate (and with fatter wallets) to attend the 2012 Bridgestone Winter Classic held at Citizens Bank Park on January 2. In the coming … Continue reading Winter Classic tickets have arrived

Winter Classic jerseys revealed

The Checking Line confirmed the leaked jerseys a couple weeks ago. Today, they were made official at 11:30 ET. The jerseys are in fact very classy, including an already popular accessory: the laces at the neck. The jerseys will go on sale at the Wells Fargo Center at 1 PM. More pictures after the jump:

Winter Classic jerseys confirmed

The Bridgestone Winter Classic, which will be held at Citizens Bank Park on January 2, 2012, was completely finalized minus the jerseys. Well, now that part is official too. Philly Sports Daily’s David Isaac has a handful of sources confirming the Flyers Winter Classic jerseys, which are NOT the horrible Tony the Tiger jerseys that … Continue reading Winter Classic jerseys confirmed

NHL officially announces Winter Classic at CBP

Over the next couple of weeks, “Team to Beat” will be talking just a little bit of hockey. With posts on the Winter Classic coming up soon from writer Dan MacNeal and newly added contributor Alicia Sprenkle, there obvious buzz around the 2012 Winter Classic is going to be made apparent this year. As most … Continue reading NHL officially announces Winter Classic at CBP

Nine Flyers taking BP before Phils game

I wonder out of this bunch would be the best hitter? I’m going to put my money on Scott Hartnell for power and I can see Claude Giroux being a feisty little slap hitter. James van Riemsdyk and Matt Carle are the only USA-born players on the Flyers but that won’t make much of a … Continue reading Nine Flyers taking BP before Phils game

CBP to host NHL’s Winter Classic

The National Hockey League is bringing the Winter Classic to Philadelphia. Playing in their second Winter Classic in three years, the Philadelphia Flyers will host the New York Rangers on January 2, 2012 at Citizens Bank Park according to league officials. With the National Football League schedule showing games on January 1, the annual date … Continue reading CBP to host NHL’s Winter Classic