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Ross, Swisher Off the Board for Phillies

Earlier today, it was reported that heavily sought corner outfielder Cody Ross had signed a three-year, $26 million deal to play in Arizona.

Last week, the Phillies intense pursuit of Ross was reported. It was known that Ross wanted a three-year deal and the Phillies were willing to go after the 31-year-old left fielder who hit 22 homers, 81 RBIs and had a .267 average and .807 OPS.

Even though the Phillies weren’t in heavy pursuit of Nick Swisher, the 32-year-old switch hitter is close to signing a deal with the Cleveland Indians. They offered him a four-year, $52 million deal, and he is close to signing there.

With Arizona signing Ross, it is possible that Jason Kubel could be available via trade, even more likely than his teammate Justin Upton.


Olney: Ichiro Rejects Phillies Offer; Signs With Yankees

In an interesting report from ESPN’s Buster Olney, the New York Yankees will bring back Ichiro Suzuki for another season.

But what’s interesting about that is that Suzuki reportedly declined a two-year, $14 million offer from the Phillies to sign the one-year deal with New York.

The Phillies are in need of another corner outfielder and the pursuit of Ichiro became a curious one. Ichiro isn’t exactly known for his pop, especially with Cody Ross, Nick Swisher and Josh Hamilton still out there.

The price tag and years that Ross, Swisher and Hamilton are asking for must be turning off the Phillies. Hamilton is still trying to land a five-year deal somewhere while Swisher and Ross want four and three years respectively.

Suzuki, 39, would have made a nice lead-off hitter, but that would have given the Phillies an outfield of Suzuki, Domonic Brown, Ben Revere and Darin Ruf. The only way that deal would have made sense is if the Phillies then traded Brown for 36-year-old Alfonso Soriano, which would have continued to increase the age of the team.


Phillies In Talks With Cubs; Interested in a Brown-for-Soriano Swap

CBS’ Jon Heyman reported that the Phillies are in talks with the Chicago Cubs about 36-year-old outfielder Alfonso Soriano.

The Phillies would send Domonic Brown to Chicago for Soriano, and the Cubs would have to pay a significant amount of Soriano’s salary.

The Cubs are willing to pay up to $26 million of the $36 million owed to Soriano for the remaining two years on his contract.

Last season, Soriano hit .262 with 32 homers and 108 RBIs.

Soriano comes as an alternative if they can’t sign Cody Ross, the most economical choice among free agents. Nick Swisher and Josh Hamilton are a little pricier.

His Bat Got Papi

Another night of “Back, Back, Back’s” and Joe Morgan’s stupidity has concluded. David Ortiz, the nicest guy to ever do steroids, was victorious over the player he mentored, Hanley Ramirez. Big Papi blasted 11 home runs in the final round as Ramirez managed five. Ortiz was also the first Red Sox player to win the Derby in it’s 26th year.

Ortiz was the true winner of the Derby, hitting the most total homers with 32. Both he and Ramirez went into the finals round with 21 homers so there was going to be a real winner and not an instance like two years ago with Josh Hamilton.

Corey Hart (13 total) and Miguel Cabrera (12) were the other two players to move onto the second round. Matt Holliday (5), Nick Swisher (4), Vernon Wells (3), and Chris Young (1) were the other four contestants. Hart in the first round and Ortiz in the second round hit the most home runs in a single round with 13 dingers.

Not a single Phillies player participated in the derby this year, a first in six years. In the past six, Jim Thome, Bobby Abreu, Ryan Howard, and Chase Utley all participated in the event with Abreu and Howard each winning one. Howard was interviewed by Morgan and Chris Berman and marveled out the feel of Mickey Mantle’s bat that was being auctioned off later that night.

The 81st All-Star game will air tomorrow at 8:00 p.m ET. Howard will be the DH and Roy Halladay will not pitch more than one inning said Charlie Manuel.


Roy Halladay was spanked mercilessly by the Yankees on Tuesday night. The veteran righty, who statistically was a Yankee killer, got roughed up for six runs as the Yankees won 8-3.

C.C. Sabathia bested Doc with his strong seven-inning, three-run performance in which he sat-down seven Phillies. He only gave up five hits and three walks, all coming in his final four innings. Halladay only lasted six innings, allowing his six runs on eight hits and two walks while striking out five.

Curtis Granderson, Nick Swisher, and Brett Gardner each had a pair of hits. Granderson, Swisher, and Mark Teixeira all homered tonight, the latter barely leaving the yard. Chase Utley had the only mult-hit game for the Phillies. The entire Phillies line-up mustered only five hits and none were for extra bases.

The Phillies got all three runs in the fourth inning to make it a 5-3 game before Sabathia bore down. The Phillies couldn’t say the same for Halladay who allowed two runs in the second inning thanks to a Gardner triple before giving up a solo homer and two-run shot the following inning. Tex then hit his sissy pop-fly homer down the first base line that barely left the 314-foot mark in the fifth to make it 6-3.

I would have written more but I’m trying to forget about witnessing an ass kicking in person. You’ll hear more about how over rated Yankee Stadium is within a couple days.

WP: Sabathia (7-3). LP: Halladay (8-5).



Jimmy Rollins went 0-for-3 in his first rehab start with Clearwater on Tuesday. The All-Star shortstop is rehabbing his strained calf while on his second stint on the DL with the same injury. Todd Zolecki added to the report that Rollins is expected back this weekend. Hopefully that short time frame isn’t too short as the reason Rollins was back on the DL was because the Phillies rushed him back.

Yanks Power Their Way to 2-1

The Yankees won game three 8-5 and took a 2-1 lead in the World Series. Nick Swisher killed the Phillies, going 2-4 with a double, home run, and two runs scored. Andy Pettitte got through six solid innings, only allowing four runs on five hits, three walks, and seven strike outs. Mariano Rivera got the save once again.

The Yankees offense combined with three home runs total thanks to Alex Rodriguez, Swisher, and Hideki Matsui.

Three things after this game: Cole Hamels is a girl, the offense has disappeared, and Joe Blanton needs to pitch his ass off tomorrow. Let’s talk about each item individually.

1) Hamels was attrocious. He lasted only 4.1 innings, allowing five runs on five hits, two walks and striking out three. He pitched no-hit ball through the first three and then saw the wheels fall off. After walking Mark Teixeira on a questionable call in the fourth, Rodriguez hit a two-run homer that barely made it out. In the fifth, Hamels gave up a series of hits that led to three more runs and and early exit with only one out.

The pen couldn’t keep the game close either as JA Happ, Chad Durbin, Brett Myers, and Madson combined to give up three runs and two homers in 4.2 innings pitched. I’m not pitting a lot of blame on them but you need to be good in the World Series. The garbage the Yankees call a bull pen out-pitched you.

2) Ryan Howard struck out three more times and is 2-13 with nine strike outs this series. Shane Victorino, Chase Utley, and Raul Ibanez looked lost at their plate appearances, going a combined 0-11 with a sacrifice fly and RBI. As expected, Pedro Feliz has been a penciled-in out in key situations. Jayson Werth was the only bright spot with his two home runs.

They blew some big opportunities. The first came in the second inning. Yes they got three runs that inning but had the bases loaded with one out and could only get a walked-in run by Jimmy Rollins and a sacrifice fly by Victorino. Utley didn’t show up with a runner in scoring position, keeping the Yankees in the game.

3) Charlie Manuel needs to stick to his gut for game four. They are only down 2-1 in the series and shouldn’t jump to Cliff Lee early for game four. He has Blanton going up against C.C. Sabathia, who wasn’t that sharp in game one. The Phillies can hit Sabathia and they know that. Blanton needs to go out their and do his job. He is a good pitcher and needs to realize that and pitch like it.

Star of the Game:
Game 1: Cliff Lee
Game 2: AJ Burnett
Game 3: Nick Swisher

Next Game: Sunday in Philadelphia, 7:57 EST
Series: Yankees lead 2-1
Pitching Probables: C.C. Sabathia vs. Joe Blanton
Gameday Discussion: Liberty Bell Sports

Oh look! They’re playing the Yankees again. Beat them.