Roy-Freshing: Oswalt K’s season-high 9 in win

Ryan Zimmerman punched the Phillies’ gut with a walk-off grand slam Friday night, but in typical Phillies fashion, they bounced back and took down the Nationals on, what I guess you could call ‘the road.’ It took until the fourth inning for a team to tally a run tonight’s game at Nationals Park, when Wilson … Continue reading Roy-Freshing: Oswalt K’s season-high 9 in win

Nacho Report: Lehigh Valley

Welcome to the 2011 edition of the Nacho Report. Last year, the Nacho Report visited Nationals Park, Citizens Bank Park and Yankee Stadium.  This year the Nacho Report starts in Allentown, home of the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs.  Even though they are a minor league club, they still qualify for the Nacho Power Rankings. Onto the … Continue reading Nacho Report: Lehigh Valley

Nacho Report: Washington

by Dan MacNeal As many of you know, I enjoy a good nacho plate.  And there’s no better place to get some tasty treats than at a baseball game.  I plan to do some travelling to see the Phils in a couple different cities and will have a nacho report for each and every stadium I visit. … Continue reading Nacho Report: Washington