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Phillies Coaching Shuffle: Ryne Sandberg to Coach Third Base

Former IronPigs manager Ryne Sandberg (Yong Kim/Inquirer Staff)

PHILADELPHIA — Yesterday, the Phillies fired first base coach Sam Perlozzo as well as cut ties with hitting coach Greg Gross and bench coach Pete Mackanin.

With those spots vacated it left room for a certain minor league manager to get his first real crack at Major League coaching.

Hall of Fame second baseman and former IronPigs manager Ryne Sandberg will coach third base. Last year’s third base coach Juan Samuel will move to first base.

Sandberg will also become the infield instructor, which was Perlozzo’s job.

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Adressing the Posey play

I appologize for those who are tired of the Buster Posey play that happened over a week ago being beaten to death. You don’t have to read this. But now is my turn to beat the dead horse.

It’s a bang-bang play we see a thousand times. A runner flying around third with only one thing on his mind: being safe at all costs. A catcher who’s eyes are on the outfield waiting for the ball to reach him, praying the runner is sliding in.

The plate is blocked but there was room on the outside to slide in. The runner opted to blow up the catcher, guaranteeing him not being tagged out.

The throw was behind the catcher and from right field. Being from right field is dangerous enough. But when you factor in the throw was behind the catcher, it exposes him to more danger.

The result of the play was a collision that will ultimately change the catcher’s season and the season for his team.

Now insert the names of the players involved and this scenario, which is like many others, now stands out more significantly than the rest. Scott Cousins was the bench player for the Florida Marlins who ran over one of the best young players in the game and the San Francisco Giants’ prized possession in Buster Posey.

But this piece isn’t addressing a rule change in baseball or for the head of Cousins. Instead, it’s addressing the people who want to see catchers get put on the same wussy pedestal as quarterbacks and goalies.

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News 5/12/10

STEALING SIGNS?: So the Phillies have been caught stealing signs after Colorado reported that bull pen coach Mick Billmeyer was using binoculars to look into the Rockies catcher and steal signs. They then accused him of calling the Phillies dugout through the bull pen phone and talking to Shane Victorino.

“We have looked at the video and talked to the Phillies about the actions of their bullpen coach,’’ a Major League Baseball official told

“We found the evidence inconclusive on what was being done, but we have spoken to the Phillies about the situation, and the umpires have been told to be on full alert as to what is going on.’’

This is ridiculous. I’m not trying to be biased but at the same time I think who cares? Stealing signs has gone on for years and it’s only made an issue when someone is caught. If you don’t want your signs jacked, make better ones.

If a team is dumb enough to tip what they are doing by making their signs breakable, shame on them. Is it wrong that Brad Lidge would be tipping his pitches last year because of his injury and batters took full advantage of that? If the guy next you at the poker table had his cards visible, you’re telling me you will not look or try to read his body language to win the hand.

It seems like Charlie Manuel agrees with me:

“Because we beat them. That’s why. What the hell? Keep crying.”

Dan also brought up a good point to me in discussion so let me ask you one more question folks: How will Billmeyer be able to relay the signals to the batters? Last time I checked, pitchers and catchers change their signs all the time, even for each batter. I don’t think the batters use a Blue Tooth while batting. And I don’t see the little green dot on their helmets that quarterbacks in the NFL use.

So Billmeyer may have swiped some signs but unless he pulls out the same light signals the 1951 Giants used, this is a stupid accusation and even dumber thing to get twisted over.

LIDGE IN PHILLY: Dave Murphy tweeted that Lidge was sent back to Philadelphia to see a doctor on his stiff throwing elbow. Here is an earlier report prior talking about Lidge’s injury and the Phillies expressing they want to be patient with Lidge.

ROLLINS HITTING: Murphy also said that Jimmy Rollins was hitting in an extended spring training session today. This comes a couple days after reports were that he was running fine and his expected to be back by the Phillies’ next home stand (May 17-23)

FRANCOEUR CRYING: The New York Mets’ Jeff Francoeur is upset with the Phillies getting three extra home games because the their series with Blue Jays was moved from Toronto to Philadelphia. He said that the scheduling changes were “crazy, bull __,” and any other form of whining. He’s acting like the Mets will actually be within three games of the Phillies at the end of the season.