Mets Interested in Pedro

I don’t know who is crazier: Pedro Martinez thinking he is worth $7.5MM or the Mets for considering him as a pitching option for 2010. Though the Mets are interested in Martinez, they do not feel he is worth that price. He would join Chris Coste as the second recycled Phillie to join the Mets. … Continue reading Mets Interested in Pedro

2009 Phillies Moment #8: Bruntlett’s Unassisted Triple Play

Eric Bruntlett. Two words that make Phillies fans cringe. On August 23rd though, he made history. Not just Phillies history, baseball history. Only fifteen times has an unassisted triple play occurred, and only twice has it ended a game. Eric Bruntlett is now part of that group. As much as we all like to pile … Continue reading 2009 Phillies Moment #8: Bruntlett’s Unassisted Triple Play

Turning Three

Eric Bruntlett’s unassisted triple play was something to witness. After being robbed of a base hit in the eighth by Jeff Francoeur, Bruntlett returned the favor, snaring Francoeur’s no-out line drive up the middle, stepping on second, and tagging Daniel Murphy for the unassisted triple play to win the game for the Phillies. It has … Continue reading Turning Three

MLB News 6/13/09

Peavy out for month: Well this could hurt the Phillies chances at trading for Jake Peavy. He will be out for a month with a strained tendon in his right ankle he sustained on June 8th. His injury occurred while he ran the bases. The Phillies were seriously considering trading for Peavy, who originally refused … Continue reading MLB News 6/13/09