Phils Triumph In High-Scoring Affair

Usually when an opposing team has scored at least eight runs on the Phillies, it was a wrap. But that wasn’t the case Tuesday night as the Phillies beat Florida 10-8 to snap a two-game skid and hopefully a span of low-scoring efforts. Pitching was not a factor at all in this game for either … Continue reading Phils Triumph In High-Scoring Affair

Friday Tweet-off

As some of you may know, I have become extremely addicted to Twitter. It’s such an excellent tool for breaking news and sports debating. So today I decided to ask five random Phillies fans a question on Twitter. There will be no character-limit as I said they could use multiple tweets. This will be something I … Continue reading Friday Tweet-off

Sorry For Lack of Posts

I’ve been busy the past week and I still am with school work. I will continue the Player Report Card series shortly. I also added a new writer, Dan MacNeal of Liberty Bell Sports. We wrote together on the first blog of Justin Evans (now writer of Red Pinstripes Are Cooler). We will recap the … Continue reading Sorry For Lack of Posts

Blog Stroll 10/27/09

I figured I haven’t done one of these in a long time so I might as well post some of the funnier things I read the past couple of days: The Fightins did a hilarious post titled “The Bandwagoners Guide to the 2009 Yankees.” In it they talk about some of the current and recently … Continue reading Blog Stroll 10/27/09