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Phils Triumph In High-Scoring Affair

Usually when an opposing team has scored at least eight runs on the Phillies, it was a wrap. But that wasn’t the case Tuesday night as the Phillies beat Florida 10-8 to snap a two-game skid and hopefully a span of low-scoring efforts.

Pitching was not a factor at all in this game for either team, who used a combined 10 pitchers. Brad Lidge was a little rocky in the ninth inning but got himself the save, his third on the year and second after return from his second trip on the DL.

Raul Ibanez had a four-hit game, driving in two runs. Ryan Howard and Shane Victorino both homered and Chase Utley had two hits.Gaby Sanchez and Hanley Ramirez each homered for the Fish, who jumped out to an early 4-0 and then 6-3 lead before the Phillies surged back.

But the big hit came from Ben Francisco in the eight with the Phillies trailing 8-7. Francisco lined a two-out single into left field that scored two to give the Phillies a 9-8 lead. They tacked on one more in the inning.

The night also featured a tailgate before and after the game with myself along with Dan MacNeal of Liberty Bell Sports, a few people from another blog, and a few other friends.

HR: Howard (10), Victorino (10).

WP: Contreras (3-2). LP: Hensley (1-3). S: Lidge (3).



Friday Tweet-off

As some of you may know, I have become extremely addicted to Twitter. It’s such an excellent tool for breaking news and sports debating. So today I decided to ask five random Phillies fans a question on Twitter. There will be no character-limit as I said they could use multiple tweets. This will be something I will try to do each week from now until the end of the season.

Here are this week’s questions:

What are you most excited for this Phillies season?
@chelsealynn818: Roy Halladay finally pitching for us and possibly getting back to the World Series.

Who do you think will be the Phillies MVP this season? Please include stats.
@meechone of The Fightins: I’m biased, but… Ryan Howard – .285/62/192/131 – he will break the single-season HR, RBI & SB records

Who should be the Phillies 5th starter and why?
@PhilaSports of Liberty Bell Sports: I think it all depends on if everyone is healthy enough for the start of the season, whoever performs better in spring training… between Moyer and Kendrick.

Who needs a bigger bounce-back year: Lidge, Hamels, Rollins, or other and why?
@f*ckthemets: If I was going to go obvious-style, I’d say Lidge. The rest of the bullpen proved it can’t take over, and…I don’t trust Baez closing again, either. But other than Lidge, I’d have to say Greg Dobbs (!). He’s our most important infield…bench player, and when he’s hot, he completely changes an opponent’s relief strategy.

Which NL team scares you the most in challenging the Phils for the pennant?
@iAims: The Cardinals, only because of their batting.

Random hits of the day:

@Macho_Row on Doc’s first perfect game: Won’t have to wait long. Opening Day against the Nationals is just around the corner.

@ryanlawrence21 (of Delco Times) on Doc’s beard: I consider Doc’s more “7 o’clock shadow” (slightly more prominent than 5 o’clock) than full-fledged beard.

LBS Podcast Episode 1!

Listen to our first show here. The show airs on Thursday’s at 2 PM until 3 PM. In this episode we talked about the Phillies Spring Training, the Flyers and Olympics, the Sixers recent trade, and the Eagles.

The podcast is for Liberty Bell Sports, my other site, but I wanted to advertise it here because of it’s relevance to the Phillies.

Top Phillies Moments

As you may already know, Dan MacNeal has started his segment on the top 10 Phillies moments of 2009. We are four moments in with six to go. After Dan posts his #2 moment, I will post a recap and also highlite some of our honorable mentions so that everyone isn’t left out.

Please feel free to email me ( or comment on this post on what moments should make the list. Though it won’t change the order we already picked, it will help gather some more honorable mentions and allow you, the readers of TTB, to get involved a bit.

Also if you have any suggestions on the site, any lists you would like to see us tackle, or even have any questions, please email me and I will gladly answer them or consider the request on here. This is a site for Phillies fans like you and me.

And don’t forget to check out Liberty Bell Sports, a Philadelphia sports forum run by Dan, Mike Patota, Justin Evans, and myself. Join the offseason Phillies talks, the Eagles playoff run, the struggles of the Flyers and Sixers, and even college sports.

Sorry For Lack of Posts

I’ve been busy the past week and I still am with school work. I will continue the Player Report Card series shortly. I also added a new writer, Dan MacNeal of Liberty Bell Sports. We wrote together on the first blog of Justin Evans (now writer of Red Pinstripes Are Cooler). We will recap the Top 10 (maybe 15) moments of the 2009 season and do a few other specialty posts.

Please keep tuning in. There is a lot going on in the off season of the Phillies whether it’s watching your favorite sports teams (hopefully the Eagles, Flyers, Sixers, Penn State, Temple, Villanova, or any other Philly/PA sports team) or following the Phillies news.

Off Season

Stay tuned guys for some changes, updates, additions, and some special posts for the off season. Instead of doing a season recap, I will do a player recap for those who were key contributors to the season. There will be about 35 names and the off season will give me time to cover them all easily. There will also be a run down of the top 15 moments of 2009 and possibly another special list and even some different “dream teams.”

There will also be a new member joining the site hopefully. My friend Dan MacNeal from Liberty Bell Sports will help collaborate in the off season and next season. Stay tuned folks.

Liberty Bell Sports

People, just a friendly reminder to come visit the sports forum I help run: Liberty Bell Sports. Click here to join the Phillies and Yankees Game 6 chat thread or click on the picture below to check out the site and join today. Go Phillies!

Blog Stroll 10/27/09

I figured I haven’t done one of these in a long time so I might as well post some of the funnier things I read the past couple of days:

The Fightins did a hilarious post titled “The Bandwagoners Guide to the 2009 Yankees.” In it they talk about some of the current and recently former players of the Yankees to just give those who are hopping back on thier bandwagon for the first time in about five years a heads up of who to watch and who to fear.

Phillies Nation did a post comparing the attractions, food, and traffic of New York and Philadelphia. They then capped it off with showing why it’s easy to root for a team with 26 rings but difficult to be as passionate, if not more passionate than the Yankees fans with only seeing two rings, 10,000 losses, and Joe Carter and 1964.

Red Pinstripes Are Cooler re-bashed the New York Post for their crappy attempt at humor in depicting the “Frillies” fans and thier city as second rate and used a poorly photo-shopped picture of Shane Victorino in a skirt on thier cover. I guess desperated times call for desperate measures for the Post.

Macho Row did a nice little flash back to the 1950 World Series featuring the Whiz Kids. The Yankees swept the Phillies 4-0.

And also, don’t forget to join the World Series discussion on Liberty Bell Sports, a forum for all you Philly fans.

Top 10 Phillies Game Pet Peeves

My friend Dan MacNeal, who I used to write with on Justin Evans’ “We Hate to Lose,” compiled up a list of the top 10 pet peeves when attending a Phillies game. I found this list very humorous but I had to disagree with #10. The Phillie Phanatic demands our attention and we are allowed to give it to him over the game.

Here is his list:

1. Do not walk to/from your seat from the concessions during play
Seriously, you can’t wait a minute while a guy is batting?

2. All fly balls are not Home Runs
Please watch the outfielders. There is a difference between getting close to the wall, and being shy of the warning track.

3. Show up on time, stay the whole time, or don’t come
I can understand if you’re coming to work, or you have a kid who needs to get home and go to bed, but if you want to show up late and leave early just to tailgate/go to
McFadden’s, you might as well not even go, and let someone else who will stay, get your ticket.

4. If you are going to yell to players, know their name
I understand that not everyone will know everyone’s name, but if you don’t know for sure, don’t say a name, just say “let’s go buddy” or “strike this guy out”. I am tired of hearing “Go Rick Dorito” or “Let’s go Shawn”. WHO THE HELL IS SHAWN?!?

5. Don’t be an instigator
This one is tricky, because we all like to razz the other teams’ fans. My personal rule is if they aren’t being annoying (or assholish) then they should be left alone. I am not going to curse at/yell/start a fight with a Brewer fan because he’s wearing the jersey. I wouldn’t expect that in Milwaukee, Denver, or any other city. Now I can see friendly joking around such as “haha you traveled 1000 miles to see your team lose”. If they start stuff with you, or another Philadelphia fan, it is okay to reply (in whatever way you would like).

*This does not include saying (loudly) near a Mets fan that they are in 4th place, 10 games back (especially if said Mets fan is not even at a Phillies-Mets game)*

6. Shut your mouth
I don’t mind conversation during the game with a friend or relative, but nobody around you wants to hear about your car breaking down, or how you can’t get into bars because you are underage.

7.If you stand, stand with 2 outs, 2 strikes
Personally for me, this is superstitious. You don’t have to stand, but if you do, please don’t do it before 2 outs, 2 strikes. I have seen so many times people standing with 1 out, or 2 outs, 1 strike, and bad news happens.

8.Jersey fouls
Do you buy a jersey because the player is the “hot player”? Do you buy one just because we’ve won a World Series? Is your jersey a lesser player because that’s all that was left in September last year? Personally I can’t wait to see someone rock a Ben Francisco jersey.

9.Promotions should not equal tickets
I like bobbleheads as much as the next person, but I am not only going to go to games just for free giveaways. This ties in with #10.

10.The Game comes first
Sure, I like all the fun stuff like the Bobblehead races between innings, or making fun of people acting foolishly on the Jumbotron, but while the game is on, that is all that should matter. The Phanatic is a distraction at this point, as is leaving to go to McFadden’s early, or anything else.

I do want to add two more:
11. Don’t wear Eagles, Flyers, Sixers, or any other Philly jersey to the game. You’re at a Phillies game. Don’t be a jack ass.

12. Don’t start and EAGLES chant

13. The Wave….. assholes.