Schilling leads candidates for 2012 Wall of Fame

Though one name went on the Phillies Wall of Fame last season, two names were crossed off the ballot. John Kruk was the latest name to be added to the Phillies’ prestigious club. He was the second member of the 1993 Phillies in as many years (Darren Daulton in 2010) to be honored. Now, a … Continue reading Schilling leads candidates for 2012 Wall of Fame

Dykstra Did Steroids? Naw!

By John Russo After years of denying his steroid use, Lenny Dykstra admitted to doing so in his new book. But what’s interesting about his admission is that after years of denial, and usually a passionate denial, the former all start centerfielder kinda boasted about juicing. Is this guy going to turn into Jose Canseco … Continue reading Dykstra Did Steroids? Naw!

Hottest Start Since ’93

1993 was such a magical year for the Phillies. Granted I was only five, I still knew who these players were, idolizing Pete Incaviglia. A year removed from a terrible year, they tore through the Spring Training schedule. Riding off of that momentum, the band of thieves, gypsies, and rejects started the 1993 season 7-1. … Continue reading Hottest Start Since ’93

FIM #11: Goodbye Vet

A brand new era deserves a brand new stadium. But with bringing in a newer, fresher experience for the fans and players comes the sacrifices of memories and traditions. Moment #11 is the destruction of our beloved Veterans Stadium. Built in 1971, The Vet was home to the infamous “Boo Birds” (Eagles fans) and the … Continue reading FIM #11: Goodbye Vet