Phils Interested In HOFer Sandberg

It’s like the Phillies are trying to make up for what they did over 25 years ago. They have expressed interest in Hall of Fame second baseman Ryne Sandberg to become the manager of their Triple A club, Lehigh Valley. Sandberg was famously traded away with Larry Bowa for Ivan DeJesus in 1982. DeJesus fizzled … Continue reading Phils Interested In HOFer Sandberg


Hottest Start Since ’93

1993 was such a magical year for the Phillies. Granted I was only five, I still knew who these players were, idolizing Pete Incaviglia. A year removed from a terrible year, they tore through the Spring Training schedule. Riding off of that momentum, the band of thieves, gypsies, and rejects started the 1993 season 7-1. … Continue reading Hottest Start Since ’93

FIM #3: 1980 World Champions

It only took 95 years for it to happen. Hell even Cubs fans wish it would have only taken 95 years but they’re still working on 100 right now. It took three Hall of Famers and a great supporting cast of great players to finally get the Phillies over the top. Before then, they had … Continue reading FIM #3: 1980 World Champions

FIM #8: The Worst Trade In the History of the Phillies

The Red Sox may have their Babe Ruth, who was traded to the dreaded New York Yankees for cash in the worst trade ever in baseball. But the Phillies will always remember what happened in 1982 as the worst trade in their history. I found this article in the Baltimore Sun archives as reference and … Continue reading FIM #8: The Worst Trade In the History of the Phillies

FIM #12: 10,000 Losses

No team has ever done it. No team will never want to reach it. Unfortunately, your beloved Phillies reached it. In 2007, the Phillies lost their 10,000th game versus the Cardinals 10-2. For 125 years, the Phillies franchise has faced nothing but agonizing defeats, last place finishes, chokes, and just pure embarrassment. This is the … Continue reading FIM #12: 10,000 Losses