Revisiting the Rolen Trade

Scott Rolen was drafted in 1993 as a can’t miss prospect. ┬áHe was supposed to be the next great Phillies third baseman, and etch his name right next to Mike Schmidt in Philadelphia lore. However, it didn’t turn out as planned. ┬áThis summer will mark a decade since the player who was supposed to save … Continue reading Revisiting the Rolen Trade

Faceoff: Who should we thank?

Question: Was Pat Gillick responsible for the Phillies current success as a franchise and perenial power in Major League Baseball? Writer Brian Jacobs decided challenge the rest of the Faceoff competitors with this question and John Russo, reeling from his loss to Christian Hetrick, wanted to get himself in the win column. Brian: Yes. The … Continue reading Faceoff: Who should we thank?

Pettitte Retires; Yanks Interested in Blanton?

With one of the greatest Yankees pitchers in their franchise history retiring, the Yankees are left with a glaring hole in the fifth starter spot. This leaves the Phillies in a very interesting situation. Does Ruben Amaro, Jr. call up Brian Cashman and offer up right-handed starter Joe Blanton up for a trade? If so, … Continue reading Pettitte Retires; Yanks Interested in Blanton?

2010 Moment: #3 Welcome to Doctober

Only one other person in Major League history has thrown a no-hitter in the post season: Don Larsen’s 1956 perfect game in the World Series against the Brooklyn Dodgers. Wednesday, October 6, 2010 will go down as one of the most memorable days for Roy Halladay. Not only did Halladay no-hit the Cincinnati Reds, the … Continue reading 2010 Moment: #3 Welcome to Doctober

FIM #11: Goodbye Vet

A brand new era deserves a brand new stadium. But with bringing in a newer, fresher experience for the fans and players comes the sacrifices of memories and traditions. Moment #11 is the destruction of our beloved Veterans Stadium. Built in 1971, The Vet was home to the infamous “Boo Birds” (Eagles fans) and the … Continue reading FIM #11: Goodbye Vet