Dykstra Did Steroids? Naw!

By John Russo After years of denying his steroid use, Lenny Dykstra admitted to doing so in his new book. But what’s interesting about his admission is that after years of denial, and usually a passionate denial, the former all start centerfielder kinda boasted about juicing. Is this guy going to turn into Jose Canseco … Continue reading Dykstra Did Steroids? Naw!

All Douche Bag Team

I was bored at work today and my friend challenged me to make a line up of the biggest douche bags in baseball. I decided to one-up him and make a 25-man roster. This may not be the most loved team but it would sure win a World Series if the players were at their … Continue reading All Douche Bag Team

Sosa Joins A-Rod in Not So Elite Club

The New York Times reported that Sammy Sosa was on the list of players who tested positive for steroids in 2003. 2003 was the first year that steroid tests were conducted. The list of players was supposed to be anonymous. New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez was also on that list. At that time, … Continue reading Sosa Joins A-Rod in Not So Elite Club