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Schilling leads candidates for 2012 Wall of Fame

Though one name went on the Phillies Wall of Fame last season, two names were crossed off the ballot.

John Kruk was the latest name to be added to the Phillies’ prestigious club. He was the second member of the 1993 Phillies in as many years (Darren Daulton in 2010) to be honored.

Now, a third member of that team could likely make the wall in 2012: Curt Schilling.

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Ruiz takes one in the juevos

I really shouldn’t joke about that seeing as I’ve felt that pain many a time playing contact sports.

Thanks, Bob.

Carlos Ruiz is out of today’s line up with a left (*cringes*) testicle contusion. Yea, you heard that right and I’m sure all of my male readers are groaning and crying just like I am while I type this sentence.

Is it too soon to nominate Ruiz for the 2011 John Kruk award?

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Philly honors Kruk

John Kruk (right) with Mitch Williams in the background. (Ed Hille/Philly inquirer)

The Phillies honored one of their legends tonight. John Kruk, famous for his antics on and off the field more so than being a career .300 hitter, was inducted into the Phillies Wall of Fame.

Kruk joined his 1993 teammate Darren Daulton. Both were members of possibly the most loved team that didn’t win it all in Philadelphia history.

“We killed a lot of brain cells. And you all were right there with us and killed a bunch too,” Kruk said during his speech.

Before Krukker was introduced, Phillies public address man Dan Baker announced to the crowd some of the current members of the Phillies Wall of Fame. They included Jim Bunning, Steve Carlton, Mike Schmidt and Kruk’s teammate Daulton among others. Phillies third base coach Juan Samuel was also a part of the past inductees on stage.

Video of Darren Daulton being awesome after the jump

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Phils to honor Kruk in August

It’s been a long time coming it seems.

Another member of the infamous 1993 Phillies, John Kruk, will join the Phillies Wall of Fame.

Kruk, a three-time All-Star, was a big component of the 1993 team that lost to the Toronto Blue Jays in six games of the World Series. He hit .316 with 14 homers and 85 RBIs that year.

Kruk’s career numbers with the Phils were strong, hitting .309 with 62 homers and 390 RBIs in six seasons. Kruk hit 100 home runs total in his 10-year career.

Kruk is now a baseball analyst on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight and is one of their best guys, both personality wise and in the knowledge of the game.

Kruk is the second player of the 1993 Phillies to make the Wall of Fame. Last year, Darren Daulton was honored.

The ceremony will be held August 12 before the Phils game against the Washington Nationals.

Here is a list of the Wall of Fame members.

Hottest Start Since ’93

1993 was such a magical year for the Phillies. Granted I was only five, I still knew who these players were, idolizing Pete Incaviglia. A year removed from a terrible year, they tore through the Spring Training schedule. Riding off of that momentum, the band of thieves, gypsies, and rejects started the 1993 season 7-1. The 7-1 2010 Phillies are off to the same start and are scoring in bunches. In fact, the Phillies have scored at least four runs in an inning five times this year and have averaged eight runs a game.

17 years later the Phillies have a new cast of super stars that are hardly comparable to the bearded and mullet-ed Phillies such has John Kruk, Incaviglia, Darren Daulton, and Lenny Dykstra (though Jayson Werth is one scruffy dude). Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, and Jimmy Rollins are clean-cut and are regarded as the top players at their positions. Roy Halladay is the best while Curt Schilling in 1993 wasn’t proven just yet. This team has experience and they have class.

But there is one thing both of those teams have in common that made them the most dangerous: chemistry. No Krukker, not the class you slept through in high school. Both teams mesh together brilliantly. Never have I seen such a team work so well together and feed off of each other. This team can be down five, six, seven runs late in a game and pull together to win. Yes that speaks volumes on their offensive fire power but it also speaks on behalf of how they pick each other up.

Larry Bowa was a great manager but his coaching style didn’t fly well with the Phillies. He was tough and not considered a players manager. Charlie Manuel was brought in just for that. Many didn’t like the hiring of Manuel because he was deemed too friendly and came off as a complete moron. But Charlie is an evil genius on the inside. He’s got a brain for baseball and the heart to lead this team. He’s the goofy uncle of over 40 athletes that wear the red pinstripes every season. He is what holds the team together.

One thing makes the 2010 Phillies’ bond stronger than 1993’s. It’s the taste of winning. The 1993 team didn’t know what that tasted like. Dykstra won a World Series with the Mets and that seemed about it. This year’s cast of Phillies feature both kinds. The corps of Rollins, Howard, Utley, Werth, Shane Victorino, Cole Hamels, Carlos Ruiz, and half of the bull pen were on the 2008 championship team. Placido Polanco and Raul Ibanez have been to the World Series before. Halladay wants his ring. He’s won 150 games and has never made the playoffs, only coming close once with Toronto. He knows the caliber team he is on and he is ready to lead this team to a second ring in three years.

Granted the eight-game start was against Washington and Houston but the fact that the Phillies are doing what they should be doing, winning games and scoring in bunches, will lead anyone to believe that this team is poised for a three-peat in the NL and another shot at the World Series.

Glanville to Join ESPN; Shut Up Schilling

Doug Glanville will join ESPN’s Baseball Tonight this season. 

“It is an honor to join the richly talented environment of ESPN,” Glanville said in an ESPN-issued statement. “There is no other place that has such credibility in sports journalism, while spanning so many platforms. I welcome the creative challenge of adding a new voice to the team and, because of ESPN’s enthusiasm to cooperatively express my voice, we found ourselves on the same exciting page.”

Can’t wait to here Glamville and John Kruk together.


Why do we still listen to Curt Schilling? I feel like he loves to bash the Phillies at every oppurtunity he gets. Does he not realize fans still like him?

In an interview with the Philly Inquirer, he bashed the Phillies decision to trade Cliff Lee. Read what he says below and click here to read the Phightins’ take on Schill-dog:

I think trading Cliff Lee was the stupidest thing they’ve ever done, and they didn’t have to,” Schilling said. “They didn’t have to do it. It was a stupid, stupid move. They could’ve had a World Series berth locked up right now with those two guys at the top of their rotation.”


“Those guys would’ve finished legitimately 1-2 [as] Cy Young candidates on the same staff,” Schilling said. “You’ve got Cole Hamels in the three slot, which is a dream come true for both. They would’ve been a 110-win team.”

“There’s no other reason why they made that deal [than to replenish their minor league system], none whatsoever. That’s why they didn’t push trying to re-sign Cliff, because I think they felt like he would’ve been real receptive to it, so then they would’ve looked even worse, because ‘We traded a guy who wants to be here.’ ”

“He’s coming off a phenomenal run when he came over,” Schilling said of Lee. “He showed them [in] October he was going to be better than everybody else. You don’t know what you’re getting there. Doc’s never pitched in October. I think he’ll be great and be awesome and all that stuff, but he could get to October and not be the guy. Cliff proved that he can pitch in October. That’s a big loss.”

All-Bearded Team

Jayson Werth has given me inspiration. With the excitement for the 2010 season growing as fast as facial hair on Werth, I’ve decided to look back at some of the greatest facial hair to don a Phillies uniform. I give to you the first ever All-Bearded Team!

P: Roy Halladay

Red Beard will be famous.

C: Sal Fasano

Fasano rocked the classic "Foo-Man-Chu" in Philly

1B: John Kruk

John Kruk: Bringing the mullet back.

Krukker had a mullet to go with his goatie.

2B: Eric Bruntlett

SS: Dickie Thon

3B: Mike Schmidt

It's the Michael Jack stache. Nothing thwarts the power of the stache!

LF: Garry Maddox

I don't know what to call that but the afro made it epic!

CF: Bake McBride

RF: Pete Incaviglia

Inky had a stache or beard to go with his mullet

Farewell Big Unit

I know this isn’t Phillies related but oh well: Randy Johnson is retiring after 22 seasons of terrorizing right-handed batters. The 5-time Cy Young award winner finished with an astounding 303-166 record, 4875 strike outs, and a 3.29 ERA. He earned his 300th win this past season on June 5th versus the Nationals, formerly the Montreal Expos where he started his career. He played in Montreal, Seattle, Houston, Arizona, New York (AL), and San Francisco.

Nicknamed the “Big Unit” because he stood at 6’10” and slung the ball 100 MPH side-armed, Johnson is probably the greatest pitcher I ever watched growing up. He was certainly a favorite of mine as I enjoyed watching he and Curt Schilling team up to take down the Yankees in the 2001 World Series.

This is one of my favorite Randy Johnson moments of all time: 1993 ASG vs John Kruk. After the first pitch sailed over Kruk’s head, he stood as far away from the plate as possible and surrendered to Johnson, who took care of him in the next three pitches.

And who could ever forget this?:

The Big Unit was one of the greatest of all time. There will never be another pitcher like him.

FIM #11: Goodbye Vet

A brand new era deserves a brand new stadium. But with bringing in a newer, fresher experience for the fans and players comes the sacrifices of memories and traditions. Moment #11 is the destruction of our beloved Veterans Stadium.

Built in 1971, The Vet was home to the infamous “Boo Birds” (Eagles fans) and the rowdy Phillies fans in the 700 level. Whether it was fights, flashings, or pure vulgar banter, the 700 level was one of the most infamous group of fans in all of sports. The fans were so bad that a municipal court was installed in the stadium for fans who were ejected from the game.

The stadium was famous for it’s terrible field conditions such as a concrete like playing surface and poor draining. The AstroTurf would also act as an oven for baseball and football players, reaching up to 120 degrees on hot July, August, and September days.

The Vet was home to two MLB All Star games: the first in 1976 during the nations bicentennial and again in 1996. The Phillies won their first championship in 1980 there. Players like Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton to Lenny Dykstra and John Kruk to Jim Thome and Scott Rolen all played in this stadium.

There were so many great Phillies moments that occurred here. Game 6 of the 1980 World Series was won here when Tug McGraw struck out Willie Wilson of the Kansas City Royals in front of about 66,000 fans to win their first championship.

The latest game in MLB history was played their. The Phillies and Padres started a double header on July 2nd, 1993 and due to rain outs and delays all day, they didn’t complete the second game until 4:40 in the morning on July 3rd. Mitch Williams drove in Pete Incaviglia to win the game in the 10th.

Kevin Millwood and Terry Mulholland own the only 2 9-inning no-hitters in The Vet’s history. Mullholland did his in 1990 and Millwood did his in 2003. Both were ironically against the Sn Francisco Giants.
In 2004, Phillies fans threw D-cell batteries at St. Louis Cardinals outfielder J.D. Drew after when drafted by the Phillies, said he would never play for Philadelphia, re-entered the draft next year and was picked by the Cardinals.

After it’s demolition in 2004, Citizen Bank Park used the area where The Vet stood as an additional parking lot. Fans will never forget The Vet nor the memories left in it. But there are new ones to be made at CBP, including a World Championship and seeing guys like Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels, and Chase Utley represent the new home of the Phillies.

The implosion

My ticket stubs throughout the years at The Vet