Phormer Phils: Houston Astros

The “Land of Misfit Phils” as I like to call them, the Houston Astros and former Phillies GM Ed Wade sure love to collect Phillies. It’s almost as if Wade still thinks he’s with the Phillies organization, picking up any crumbs that fall off the table. There are currently five players on the Astros that … Continue reading Phormer Phils: Houston Astros


Kendrick Preps for Pen

Kyle Kendrick was preparing for the bull pen without even knowing it. He got the start but lasted only two innings, allowing a run on two hits and a walk and striking out one in the Phillies 5-2 loss to Houston. Kendrick even got a hit at the plate. Chase Utley and Brian Schneider each … Continue reading Kendrick Preps for Pen