Doc Blanks Bucs on Opening Day

The Phillies couldn’t have asked for a more masterful outing from their Ace of Aces. Roy Halladay gave up two singles in the first inning, the only two hits he would allow all game as his beautiful Opening Day outing allowed the Phillies offense to get away with scoring only one run all day. The … Continue reading Doc Blanks Bucs on Opening Day


Four teams splash big at the deadline

The final week leading up to the trade deadline makes for some of the most exciting and exhausting news in baseball. Beat writers, fans and owners dread the July 31 date and breath a huge sigh of relief when 4:00 PM passes. This year was no different. With teams like the Phillies, Giants and Braves … Continue reading Four teams splash big at the deadline

Phillies Nation Likes Halladay

So the Phillies need a big-time pitcher. Who would sell and has valuable pitching? The Indians, Orioles and Mariners figure to be sellers in the American League. The National League is harder to gauge, but I’ll predict Ed Wade’s Astros will at least think about it. As will the Rockies, Padres, Pirates and Reds. The … Continue reading Phillies Nation Likes Halladay

There’s Good News and Then There’s Bad

I’ll start with the bad news. Brett Myers’ season may be done. Even worse, he may never be a Philly again neither. This was his contract year and it may be going right down the tubes. He sustained a hip injury on Wednesday’s loss to Florida and after x-rays revealed some jaggedness, it just didn’t … Continue reading There’s Good News and Then There’s Bad