Pitching Probables; Myers, Kendrick Off Roster

Unlike in the NLDS, we are pretty sure who the Phillies and Dodgers will throw at each other for the NLCS. Cole Hamels and Clayton Kershaw were already definates for game 1 and the Phillies are leaning for Pedro Martinez in game 2. Cliff Lee was guaranteed game 3 so he could have five days … Continue reading Pitching Probables; Myers, Kendrick Off Roster

New York Invasion

The Phillies and their fans invaded Queens this past weekend, including the Phillies Nation bus trip on Saturday where a fight was shown in their section by Comcast. After dropping the first game thanks to some poor pitching by Cole Hamels, the Phillies bats exploded as they handled the Mets to win three of four … Continue reading New York Invasion

Turning Three

Eric Bruntlett’s unassisted triple play was something to witness. After being robbed of a base hit in the eighth by Jeff Francoeur, Bruntlett returned the favor, snaring Francoeur’s no-out line drive up the middle, stepping on second, and tagging Daniel Murphy for the unassisted triple play to win the game for the Phillies. It has … Continue reading Turning Three

Phillies Injury Update

Brett Myers had his right hip surgery and the future looks grim. Myers had arthroscopic bony spur and labral debridement and will begin his rehabbing on Saturday. This rehab will extend for about three months. This means he will be allowed to start throwing in September. The only way he plays is if the Phillies … Continue reading Phillies Injury Update

FIM #1: Your 2008 World Champions

Sitting on the edge of my couch I watched on as Brad Lidge had a man on second with 2 outs. Up to the plate stepped Eric Hinske. The first pitch slider was fouled off. The second pitch was also a slider and was swung at. With his deadly slider working like it has all … Continue reading FIM #1: Your 2008 World Champions

Phillies win first game of 2009

It was a series that absolutely blew for the first 24 1/2 innings. Then with the help of some timely hitting, patience, and a bull pen that couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, the Phillies erupted to end the series on a high note. Going into Wednesday’s game, the Phillies lost their first … Continue reading Phillies win first game of 2009