Misunderstood: Scott Rolen Left a Lasting Impression On Philadelphia

Perhaps it was the clashing of personalities with manager Larry Bowa. Or maybe it was the comment made by front office member Dallas Green. Or maybe it was the desire to win that ended it all in Philadelphia. Whatever the reason was, Scott Rolen wanted out in 2002. For the next decade, Philadelphia fans would … Continue reading Misunderstood: Scott Rolen Left a Lasting Impression On Philadelphia

Phils hire Wade

The secret agent of the Philadelphia Phillies has returned home. Former Astros GM Ed Wade, who pretty much dealt three of the organizations top players at the time to the Phillies during his tenure, was hired by the Phillies. His role in Philadelphia will be a special consultant in the Phillies operations department. That will … Continue reading Phils hire Wade

Faceoff: Who should we thank?

Question: Was Pat Gillick responsible for the Phillies current success as a franchise and perenial power in Major League Baseball? Writer Brian Jacobs decided challenge the rest of the Faceoff competitors with this question and John Russo, reeling from his loss to Christian Hetrick, wanted to get himself in the win column. Brian: Yes. The … Continue reading Faceoff: Who should we thank?

Grading The Trade Deadline

By Chris Bengel Ruben Amaro Jr. will always be scrutinized for every move that he makes for the rest of his career.  Once again he silenced the critics for the time being.  Amaro acquired an ace starting pitcher for the third time the span of a year. Amaro pulled off another blockbuster with the acquisition … Continue reading Grading The Trade Deadline