Buehrle Wished Vick Got Hurt

This isn’t Phillies news but it’s baseball and Philadelphia related. The White Sox starting pitcher Mark Buehrle, who many were happy to see get the perfect game two years ago, may have tarnished that image. “Couldn’t happen to a nice guy,” was the phrase uttered around the baseball world. But not after something he said … Continue reading Buehrle Wished Vick Got Hurt


Burrell Still Misses Us

I saw this on the Fightins.com and had to talk about it here. Pat Burrell, who endured nine years of Phillies baseball, still misses us. He talked about the fans the Phillies have and then talked about the Rays fans it seemed evident who he prefered. “I don’t know if there is any way of saying this … Continue reading Burrell Still Misses Us

FIM #11: Goodbye Vet

A brand new era deserves a brand new stadium. But with bringing in a newer, fresher experience for the fans and players comes the sacrifices of memories and traditions. Moment #11 is the destruction of our beloved Veterans Stadium. Built in 1971, The Vet was home to the infamous “Boo Birds” (Eagles fans) and the … Continue reading FIM #11: Goodbye Vet