A Wednesday blog stroll

It’s hump day. And hump days suck. The middle of the week is always boring and I have come to rescue the world (by world I mean my three dozen readers) from this dreaded concept called boredom. So I went for a walk. Not a real walk, I’m too lazy for that. Instead, I decided … Continue reading A Wednesday blog stroll

Big Brown Caps 8-Run Rally

The Phillies may have found their swagger. Tonight’s game was one of those games that changes a season and the Phillies breaking out of their funk could possibly start tonight. After erasing a six-run deficit in the bottom of the ninth, Ryan Howard hit a two-run bomb to left-center in the bottom of the 10th … Continue reading Big Brown Caps 8-Run Rally

Crashburn Alley Q & A

So I was featured in Crashburn Alley’s Phillies preview on Friday. I answered all the questions he asked even though two were published along with some predictions. Here are my answers to all of his questions: 1. How concerned are you about Cole Hamels going into 2010? – I’m not concerned at all about Hamels for 2010. He … Continue reading Crashburn Alley Q & A