Happ Honored

JA Happ was named by panel of players as the Sporting News National League Rookie of the Year. Along with American League winner Gordon Beckham of the White Sox, Happ was very well deserving of this award. One thing to consider is that this is not the official ROY honors. Those will get announced after … Continue reading Happ Honored

Pen Can’t Hold Lead

Pedro Martinez pitched his heart out and got nothing out of it as the Phillies lost 2-1. The were able to earn a split on Los Angeles and will come home to Philadelphia for three games. They still have momentum going into these next three games and have nothing to worry about. Martinez went seven … Continue reading Pen Can’t Hold Lead

Phillies Bats Heat Up

What a marathon game. If you thought there wouldn’t be anymore four-hour games (NLDS game 3) then you were in for a real shock. The Phillies were able to stay on top of the Dodgers with timely hitting, winning the first game, 8-6. Cole Hamels was a little shaky but got the job done and … Continue reading Phillies Bats Heat Up

Pitching Probables; Myers, Kendrick Off Roster

Unlike in the NLDS, we are pretty sure who the Phillies and Dodgers will throw at each other for the NLCS. Cole Hamels and Clayton Kershaw were already definates for game 1 and the Phillies are leaning for Pedro Martinez in game 2. Cliff Lee was guaranteed game 3 so he could have five days … Continue reading Pitching Probables; Myers, Kendrick Off Roster

Phillies Ready For Playoffs?

This past series was filled with frustration and relief. The Phillies managed to earn two wins versus the Houston Astros, who took the season series 6-2, and see Atlanta lose to Florida to lock up the NL East for the third straight year. The Phillies host Florida for three and get set for October baseball … Continue reading Phillies Ready For Playoffs?

Bruised and Battered

The Phillies will enter the playoffs on different terms than last year. Last year they clawed their way to October and a world championship but this year they made it in with barely a challenge from divisional opponents. But they were challenged with something else: the injury bug. The Phillies, especially the bull pen, have … Continue reading Bruised and Battered

Bad Time For Blown Saves

*photo from “We Should Be GM’s” Brad Lidge was back to his usual self once again. While everyone is counting down the Phillies magic number (5 for Atlanta and 4 for Florida), I’m counting up for Lidge’s blown save total. He is currently sitting at 11. That is absolute garbage. Some consider this the best … Continue reading Bad Time For Blown Saves

9th Inning Woes

It seems that no matter who pitches in the ninth inning, the Phillies cannot close out baseball games. Brad Lidge has blown 10 saves this year and his supposed replacement, Ryan Madson, just blew his sixth save Saturday night versus the Mets. With two outs and nobody on in the top of the ninth, Madson … Continue reading 9th Inning Woes

Just Call Him the Rain Man

Jamie Moyer has found a new home in his long relief role. Yes Chan Ho Park is still the innings guy but Moyer as excelled this year in his two roles post-rain delay. Grampa Jamie is now officially “The Rain Man.” In his two appearances since being demoted to the bull pen, Moyer has gone … Continue reading Just Call Him the Rain Man

What To Do With Lidge

If you think Cole Hamels is pitching like crap, just look deep in the bull pen and you will see another 2008 monster leaving you scratching your head. We know what Hamels’ problems are and it’s the fact that he is lazy and hasn’t had to be challenged all year. He’ll be fine in October. … Continue reading What To Do With Lidge