Third Base Wide Open For Next Season

There is a big question mark stamped next to the third baseman’s name for the 2013 season.┬áIt’s a position that hasn’t had a consistent inhabitant since Scott Rolen was traded in 2002. A few guys like David Bell, Pedro Feliz and Placido Polanco were supposed to be main-stays. But only Polanco managed to make an … Continue reading Third Base Wide Open For Next Season

Inge has some discouraging words for Utley

The Tigers catcher/infielder Brandon Inge has been through what Chase Utley has before and it isn’t pretty. Inge battled petellar tendinitis in 2009 so he knows what Utley is looking at. He said Utley has two options: either getting the surgery which will end his season or play through some intense pain which I think … Continue reading Inge has some discouraging words for Utley

Howard Takes Stage Tonight

Before every all star game is the State Farm Home Run Derby. This year will feature another one of your Phillies stars in Ryan Howard. Howard is in his third derby, winning in 2006 and failing to get out of the first round in 2007. As the big story of the derby, Howard was born … Continue reading Howard Takes Stage Tonight

Bran-Torino Win Final Vote!

Brandon Inge and Shane Victorino got together to form a nick name in their co-campaign for the MLB Final Vote for the 2009 All Star Game in St. Louis. Well it worked as Inge will represent the American League and Victorino in the National League as the 33rd players on their respective squads. Victorino edged … Continue reading Bran-Torino Win Final Vote!