Faceoff: Who should we thank?

Question: Was Pat Gillick responsible for the Phillies current success as a franchise and perenial power in Major League Baseball? Writer Brian Jacobs decided challenge the rest of the Faceoff competitors with this question and John Russo, reeling from his loss to Christian Hetrick, wanted to get himself in the win column. Brian: Yes. The … Continue reading Faceoff: Who should we thank?

2009 Phillies Moment #5: Ring Ceremony Game

Is this moment more memorable because it was Harry’s last appearance at home?  Is it because it brought ‘closure’ to the 2008 World Series Champions and announced 2009 was underway?  How about the crazy game that followed the ceremony?  It was all of these. The Phillies trailed 10-3 to Atlanta going into the bottom of … Continue reading 2009 Phillies Moment #5: Ring Ceremony Game

Phillies Pick Up Lee’s Option

Only two days into the off season and the Phillies are already looking towards the 2010 season. According to Todd Zolecki on Twitter, the Phillies picked up Cliff Lee’s $9 million option for 2010. This locks him in for next year and allows them to work on a long term deal. The Phillies would be … Continue reading Phillies Pick Up Lee’s Option

Mayberry Jr. Called Up

John Mayberry Jr. was brought up to the Phillies last night from AAA Lehigh Valley. They will send Sergio Escalona back down to AAA. Mayberry was hitting .277 with 8 HR and 25 RBI for the Iron Pigs this season. This is great news. He should be starting today and tomorrow. As a right handed … Continue reading Mayberry Jr. Called Up

FIM #12: 10,000 Losses

No team has ever done it. No team will never want to reach it. Unfortunately, your beloved Phillies reached it. In 2007, the Phillies lost their 10,000th game versus the Cardinals 10-2. For 125 years, the Phillies franchise has faced nothing but agonizing defeats, last place finishes, chokes, and just pure embarrassment. This is the … Continue reading FIM #12: 10,000 Losses